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My current pair of gloves are some 661 nasty’s, and they are almost toast. scrapping my hands on concrete has sure worn though the thin palm quickly. so I was wondering what other people use to trials/muni, and how long they can generally last.

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I have a pair of Trek Bike Gloves, they are very comfortable and have served me well. Unfortunately it has only been 2 months and I will soon need a new pair. I haven’t taken any big spills to tear them just normal wear. I do use them alot though.

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PS Perhaps this should be in product review.

I just wear rollerblade wrist guards, they cover enough of the hand that you don’t usually hit your hand when you crash.

I seem to get through about a pair a year so far, with quite a lot of use, which is better than these gloves but still not good.


I wear rollerblade guards as well. I know I would have broken 4 wrists since September with out them. They don’t even get in the way.

I think I will still go to full finger gloves under the guards, as my fingies get sore from seat grabs, etc…

I just wear old wrist guards as well, and they are torn up enough as it is! I do switch to MEC cycling gloves with heavy leather padding in the palm for simple rides. They seem to be lasting (I originally bought them for using with crutches!)

Has anyone tried a pair of those inline skate gloves? They are gloves with a plastic or metal plate along the lower palm (I’ve only seen fingerless versions so far, since I guess it is primarily a summer sport). An example of this would be Salomon gel hand sliders. I wonder how they would hold up…I haven’t yet been able to find a good review of them. They look a little flimsy, but the concept would be a nice compromise.

Hand sliders are item #2 at this site:

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>so I was wondering what other people use to trials/muni,
>and how long they can generally last.

I use Harbinger Extreme Gloves
(Hope that link comes through.)

They are beautifully made, good workmanship. Durable? Apart from some
scratches on the nylon splint in the hand palms (from events in which
they saved my wrists) they almost look new. But I’ve only had them for
a couple of months.

I have size L which is barely large enough. I am 6’0" (does that mean
anything for hand size?), maybe XL would have fitted better.

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I didnt even notice the reviews section… anyway I guess im not really looking for wrist guards, more like what type of full fingered gloves last? or general comments.

I use Fox Dirtpaw full fingered gloves. I’ve had them since I was in Minneapolis (June) and they are holding up fine. In fact I just bought another pair today - largely because they were on sale (US$10). Most of the falls I’ve had have been offroad ones, so I don’t know how they’d hold up to sraping on the concrete.

Peter Bier uses AXO gloves (dunno which model) which seem well made but one of the finger tips got ripped open fairly early in its life. [Peter, you wanna add something here…?]

Tony Melton

thanks tony. I am considering the Axo Decends, But im not sure what kind of palm they have.

This is a question that has plagued me for a while. I have tried several differant gloves, but they all develop holes on the finger tips after not much time :frowning: This really sucks since some of the gloves have cost over 60$ CAN anyways, if someone knows of a glove that stands up to trials (for longer that 2 months) please let me know.

Thanks alot


yeah, The gloves that have lasted the longest for me now are a pair of shift motocross gloves. But again, holes in fingers that needed to be stitched up.

What have you tried that doesnt work? so I dont have to keep buying and trying low quality stuff.


Has anybody tried Troy Lee Designs AIR gloves. They look boss, but I haven’t seen any reviews. They seem to be for motocross too.

3rd ones down:


or here:



Looks like it’s got a thin palm, but It looks great. I think they are designed for DH? seems like it, always advertised in Mtb action.

gloves - when it gets really cold I sometimes wear some climbing gloves, the cheapest ones they had at some climbing shop I was in. They’re quite fat but really really warm.

the little roller blade wristguards are great for a bit but my mate had some and they snapped quite quickly and he doesn’t do anything very aggressive on his skates.