Hand plant?

How many people on here have done a hand plant on their uni? I have, it’s actually not that hard.

That I want to see

as in ride up a ramp, be upside down on the coping with one hand while holding the uni, then role back down the ramp on you uni?

that I also want to see.

No, I just ride beside a waiste high object sif and side hop as high as I can and lean over. I’ll post a pic when I get more room on the camera and I have someone to take a pic. I did one up on a saw horse and landed on the other side. They really get the adrenalin goin.

that still sounds really cool!

So you kind of do a one handed vault over something? I wanna see it… :slight_smile:

now just learn to do it w/o holding onto something
then it will be amazing… that sounds like fun tho

How can you do a hand plant without holding something???

as in hit your head:)

You put your left hand on the object you are doing a hand plant. Also has anyone done a front flip off a drop like maybe 4 feet high?

im a newb still but how about squeezing together your thighs real hard then as you go over then grab the uni as you fall.