Hand pain

Recently I’ve noticed a pain in my right (hopping) hand. The pain is in the joint that connects the finger bone to the hand on both my middle and ring fingers. Does anyone else get this pain, or is there something wrong with my hopping technique?

not sure, i hacven;t got that pain but I have seriosuly cut myself awhile ago before i put tape over the bottom of the seat. Completely took all the skin off…
Hope soemone knows the answer to your question!

I found two threads about this. You are not alone.


I hope you find a fix!

I am learning seat out stuff, and the KH seat is soooo thick it is hard to hold tightly for long periods of time. Try relaxing the hand when you can. I was thinking about inventing a handle that goes under the seat on the left side (and behind the seat post) to make it easier to hold tightly for long periods of time.

Re: Hand pain

my hands are OK.
Maybe drop your question at Yuri Abrahams.

Are you using a Viscount seat? On my hands, those are the only two fingers that fit under the front bumper, so they do all the work.

Are you doing lots of seat out hopping? What kind of seat? What kind of riding?

Your hand is more important than constant practice, so you may need to give it a rest so it can heal.

Just a few weeks ago, I posted the same question. Some people told me that it helps to wear glove, and that the pain would probably go away. I tried a glove and the pain is now gone. I think the pain is a result of not being used to using a handle, just give it some time and it’ll be fine.