Hand Pain

Does this happen to anyone else?

If I ride for over an hour doing trials my hand starts to suffer. I can usually deal with it But its still rather annoing. I ride with a Viscount seat, and grip the front with my fingers kinda curled under the bumper.

I have thought about some kind of mod to ease the pain a bit. But nothing has worked so far.

Any advice on this would be great.



before i had my miyata seat, I simply ‘pinched’ the front of the seat. thumb on top, four fingers underneath.

Try this not grabbing from the front, but more like how you would grab the side of the seat…just closer to the front.

Simple solution, no upgrades

When I rode with a Viscount saddle I rarely got hand pains but I held the seat different to you. I held it at an angle of about 45 degrees on the left. Is it the screws that hurt your hand or just a general cramp?


Little bit of both, the screws kinda rub on my hand, but I’m used to that. I think I’m going to try doing a bit of surgery on my seat over winter break. I have some Carpet Foam in my bacement and so hopefully I’ll be able to make it more counfy all arround. I was thinking about putting on a Steve Howard Handle while I was at it.


buy and wear some full fingered gloves.switch hands when you can too.

I found that I was wasting too much energy gripping the seat with a “death grip” and stressing my hand in the process. Try to relax your grip a tad. Also, I was a “one handed rider.” I, too, learned to switch hands to share the load. Oh yes, I was eating ibuprofen like M and Ms there for a while until I figured this out.

The answer is simple. Put a reeder handle on your Viscount.

I also put some spacers under the front seat post bolts to raise the front of the saddle a little. I like it a lot.


I had a Reeder on a Viscount for a while - it worked great and not much additional cost. I tried the self-tapping screws thing but they were too hard for me to screw in. A machinist tapped the holes for me and I was good to go. The best thing was, when I changed to a CF air seat the handle moved to the new seat so no investment lost.

I haven’t got hand cramps yet, but I still haven’t done as much trials as I’d like.

I have had my fingers bent uncomfortably and even painfully by the Miyata handle. It wasn’t too bad, and I’m sure its better than gripping the Viscount with no handle. The Kinport handle was a great comfort improvement over the stock miyata handle.

If your in town and if we can actually manage to meet up around new years, you can try my miyata handles and my kinport handle to see if you like them better.

If you guys can make it up to a Unatics meeting in NYC some weekend, let me know ahead of time. I have a modified Steve Howard handle on a trials uni that you could try. It’s far more comfortable than the stock version. If you let me know, I’ll be sure to bring it with me.

i’ve got a reeder handle on a viscount too.

i didn’t like the idea of using self tapping screws so i peeled back the seat covering made some holes, bolted it on with the supplied bolts and glued the seat back together.
i still intend to replace the foam with something a little less dense, but when i ride it i’m mostly doing trials anyway so the seat dosent realy get sat on much.
and i’ve run out of glue and keep forgeting to buy more.

i’ve got a bmx bar end on the handle to stop the end filling with mud, and trying to puncture my guts.

i like you picture mojoe, especialy since your not actualy using the handle.

i might try raising the front of the seat with washers too, it sounds like a good plan.
or i might just spend a load of monney on a flimsy rail adapter, a new seatpost and a new style miyata…naaah.

I used to have a Viscount seat on my trials uni and it would give my finger pain too. I found that plastering the underside of the front of the seat with duck tape helped. Those screws and sharp plastic bumper edges can be vicious! Cover 'em all with duck tape. Your fingers will thank you! Cost = a roll of duck tape.

The more costly fix to your finger pain problem is getting a Miyata seat and maybe a Kinport handle when the orginal breaks.

Tony Melton

Hey Tony I still have a backpack from Pack n Pedal and use it all the time for travel, including to/from Unatics meetings in NYC! It’s a K2 and still going strong after about ten years.

Ahhhh, the old skool K2 backpacks. Yep, they made ‘em tough alright. I haven’t seen one in years - I don’t think you can buy them any more. You might have a collectors’ item, U-Turn!

>>>“i might try raising the front of the seat with washers too, it sounds like a good plan.”

This is great for comfort when you are on the seat. I did this with my cheap, United-style seat and even though I only raised it a small amount, it seems a lot better. I don’t know how it affects hand pain, though.

And duct tape is your friend. I have duct tape all over my seat. I put it all over the sharp parts of my seat and it is a lot better.

I hop using two hands at the same time. I find this evens to workload and I can hop higher as well. That made it a lot better than when I just used one hand.

Is it finger pain or hand pain?

I opened up the hole on my miyata handle which really helped out
to stop jamming my fingers.

In the long run, it might better to get the Reeder handle if the pain continues. Comfort is sometimes worth the price.

I used to use a crappy Torker saddle, though pretty comfortable… I curled my fingers around it such as you did…

I simply upgraded to a Miyata…


A Kris Holm saddle…

I’ve heard those are REAL good.

Today I went and hopefully fixed both my hand (Fingers Mostly) pain problem, and the bumper problem with the viscount seat.

First I took off the bumpers, this wasnt hard it just took some crazy type riding and dropping the seat a few times. I got some number 6 screws and nylon lock nuts from the hardware store and took an exacto knife to the foam near where the screws go. There Actually is metal that the screws go through. I put the nuts on the other side of the metal and screwed them down till the bumper was tight. I Dont see it going anywhere for a while.

To fix the hand pain problems I took some closed sell foam and adheared it to the underside of the seat with some glue and then finnished the seams off with some silicone bathroom calk. This makes it so my hand is nicely protected from the nastyness that eats my hand normally, and also adds some padding to grip.

Now I just have to wait for everything to dry and I’ll be out riding. I will let you know how everything goes.


oh i forgot to suggest the playdough solution.

early r,handle.jpg

A simple solution to this problem is to only do seat out front hopping, and then you’d only need your handle for steep descents, but I htink were taling trials here anyways, so all you people out there with sore fingers, practice some seat out front.