hand-kicking-outflipping problem

Hey everyone,

I’ve pm’ed a lot of people for opinions but I want to hear from more people.

My stance is left foot back-spinning counter-clockwise.

I can regular 5spin
blind 3spin

(both on a trials unicycle)

When I first started doing flip tricks, I spun clockwise (blind). This made it easier for hickflips because I was spinning with my kicking foot. But some people advised me not to do this because, as I got better and wanted to learn fifthflips, I’d hit a road block because I can’t blind 5spin.

So, before I switched over, I was able to land a bunch of outflips, and even a treyflip on my Torker CX.

So when I finally did switch over (two days ago) I found it very difficult to do hickflips because I would spin into my kicking foot. Nevertheless, I did land hickflips spinning my regular direction.

So now, the only regular spinning flip tricks I can do are hickflip.

Bind spinning, I can treyflip (once on my Torker CX) hickflip, outflip, almost varial flip.

Today I tried to do outflips spinning my regular direction, but that requires my left hand, which is very difficult for me.

The only reason I spin counterclockwise with my left hand, is because my right hand gives the unicycle momentum as well.


I’m debating whether or not to switch the way I unispin. Making clockwise my regular, or keeping with counter clockwise. (flipping Luke Collalto style)

There are advantages with my stance now, but the thing I really hate is having to use my left hand.

Should I switch?

On a separate note,

I’ve been going through shoes on a weekly basis. I get the first hole on my right foot, where the cranks spins during rollingwraps. Do you guys know of any shoes with a really thick sole, that won’t wear down so easily? Thank you.

Don’t worry about it so much. Ride with your heart, not with your mind.


How the heck do you get momentum on outspins.

You can’t pick up a 11 pound object and spin it. But evidently you can, because I’m the only that cant

I have the same stance and spinning direction as you, and had the same problem learning flip tricks… I recommend not switching your spinning direction. I discovered that there is going to be a trade off in unispin flip tricks regardless of the direction you spin; when the left foot is back and you spin counter clockwise, backcrank unispins will be easier than frontcrank unispins, whereas if you spin clockwise, the reverse will be true. My solution to this was to learn each flip trick ambidextrously, but some may think this is a waste of time. I suggest that you should just do what your comfortable with now, unless you plan on ignoring backcrank unispins in the future.

I hope that makes sense - I probably could have been more concise.

I actually think learning switch hand crankflips will help, because on my flip tricks, my left hand is always in front

If you buy your shoes at Sports Authority, they are now offering an extended warranty that covers defects and plain old wear and tear for 13 months, all you do is pay 4.99 to 14.99 extra depending on how much your shoes originally cost, and bring them back when they’re broken to get your new pair (you have to save your receipt). check it out.

Ha, by ‘ambidextrously’ I meant in each stance and spinning direction… I concur with the statement you just made. Learning switch crankflips should help tremendously if you intend to spin counter clockwise.

By switch crankflips, I meant pull up with my left hand instead of right.

Not opposite foot stance.

Use the clockwise spinning for now I rekon.
Exhaust all trick possibilities before worrying about learning a harder stance.
Riding should be fun and I can tell you seem to be getting frustrated with counterclockwise. If it detracts from your enjoyment, ditch it.

I’m only frustrated that I’m not sure where to go.

I like spinning counterclockwise, it’s the way I’ve been unispinning since I began. I can catch it nice, and go bigger. I’m sure I’ll be able to cope with hickflips, and eventually treyflips with my stance, it’s just outflips I’m worried about.

Spencer H. told me that some people outflip their blind direction because they can use their dominant hand. Does anyone here do that?

I’m not 100% sure about this, but I think Zach Wenner does that. And he can varial double.:stuck_out_tongue:

Nice :roll_eyes:

I do. It works fine for me, no problem. Nothing worrying about.