Hand Confusion-blind or not

Hey everyone,

I’ve gotten a few opinions on this, but I’d like to know everyone’s take on it.

I landed a hickflip yesterday, but I unispinned the opposite direction.

If I unispin the opposite direction, I can one spin

If I unispin my regular I can 3spin

Is it common for you to do tricks unispinning the opposite direction.

For example, when I try sideways ww, I’d like to unispin the opposite direction, but I’m not sure if this leads to problems.

Also, since I landed my hickflip unispinning the opposite direction, is it blind.

If so, should I learn it non-blind?

Again, I’ve gotten a few takes on this, I’d just like to know whats easier for everyone.

i do pretty much that same type of things. all of my static and rolling unispins are all done in the same direction, but when i start doing things like varials and some flips variations i find it easier to spin the opposite direction.

IMO the way you are most comfortable doing a trick is your regular way, at least that way you don’t sound like a retard telling people that you’re trying to learn hickflips even though you can already blind hickflip. it just seems less complicated if you call the way you do the trick easiest your normal way of doing it.

that’s the opinion I’ve been getting. I’ll try and get my blind 3spins, so I can try a treyflip

This is just from observation and experience!!!

Right foot back - seat out unispin with left hand

Left foot back - seat out unispin with right hand

Seat in unispins all depend on whether you are left handed or right handed, if you are right handed then you seat in spin with your right hand.

Nah, right handed, left handed, dosn’t matter at all.

I hold the handle with my right hand for trials and everything, for si unispins I use my left and spin counter.