Hamilton Ontario

any unicyclists from hamilton ontairio canada that wanna meet some one new to ride with ?

if so then just post a reply

Nobody likes you Rob.

hey you guys should come to the uni comp im setting up on march 10/11. It’s going to be in waterloo. Let me know what you think.

-Budd White

Rob you should come ride with me you bird.

Only if you provide transportation and a massage therapist (must be a small Japanese girl) that also includes a happy ending.

I think the Competition in Waterloo is great idea. I am having an event at Queen’s this summer and I know that there will be atleast one event in Ottawa and one in Toronto. We should have an Ontario Uni Series. Try to get as many riders to each event as possible and then do a combined total or something. That would kick ass.
Get some T-shirts with a map of Ontario and all the events flagged on the map like an old concert T-shirt. Someone get a hold of Jeff Groves and see if the CUF would be cool with it. I think his contact stuff is on a thread here about the CUF.

hey where abouts in hamilton are u? im in the westend near mcmaster we should ride sumtime :slight_smile:

Are you the kid who lives in the building next to Phil?

You ride a Norco M-Uni?

nope, i live near the end of whitney st. close to the cemetary, u?

hamilton ontario canada

Any one live in hamilton looking for someone to ride with?

so where are u in hamilton? we should get together and ride sumtime after exams

I’m a block from Gage park.

oh cool, we should start a lil club, you, ramon and I

Toronto Unicyclists

You guys should be coming out the the Toronto Unicyclists club!

You might think that it is to far to drive, but I know people that come every week from Jordon, Thorold, Beamsville, Vineland -so you havee no real excuses!:stuck_out_tongue: I come from the same distance as you would be driving, except I have to drive South, and you would drive North! The club meets twice a week, Mondays (in a big gym-) and Thursdays (in a smaller gym, but less people tend to show up on thursdays)

There are a lot of incredible people at the club, like Jeff Grooves, Darren Bedford, and Issac Steiner, The lists goes on-And there is always someone willing to help you learn whatever you want to learn.

All in all-Alot of fun! Hope to see you guys there!!

(What a comercial eh?)