HAMFEST - UK Muni Event

Hamsterly Forest Muni Weekend

Hosted by Stockton Unicycle and Juggling Club

Friday 2nd May to Sunday 4th May 2008

Hamsterley Forest is a Forestry Commission Forest with 2000 hectares of mixed woodland lying between the Wear and Tees valleys on the edge of the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The forest boast some of the best riding in the region with a mixture of gentle trails and exciting single track which will stretch the best of Muni riders. There is also an MTB training loop which is VERY entertaining.

How to get there:
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Post Code: DL13 3NL

Turn right in Hamsterley village following the brown tourist signs, turn left in hamlet of Bedburn to enter the forest and access the forest drive (£3 fee is charged at entry). The visitor centre is located at the bottom of the hill on the right.

Cars are charged £3 each per day.

Hamsterley Forest Outdoor Centre. Accommodation is in five dormitories, together providing thirty beds. There are male and female toilets/washrooms, and the centre (which is single storey). There is full gas central heating making the centre warm and comfortable all the year round. The large kitchen is fully equipped, and there is also a washing machine and tumble drier. You will need to bring your own bedding or sleeping bags.


Multiple Muni rides for all abilities (short double or single tracks… of varying roughness), Night ride, Barbecue, Muni games, fancy dress competition (Joe wanted this!)

The centre opens at 6:00pm on Friday and has to be cleared by Sunday at 4:00pm

Cost:£30 for 2 nights stay and breakfast on Saturday and Sunday. We will provide fuel for the large Barbecue on the Saturday night but bring your own food. Day only prices to be announced.

How to register:
As there are so few beds available it will be dealt with on a first come first served basis. £10 deposit to secure your place. Cheques to be made payable to Stockton Unicycle and Juggling Club.
To Stockton Unicycle and Juggling Club
c/o Unicycle.com,
The Grange Business Centre,
Belasis Avenue,
TS23 1LG

More info required?
Contact Roger via e-mail roger(at)unicycle.uk.com
Telephone: 0800 980 0711

Yeessssss! Sounds great, not many Muni events around. Leo and I are well up for this, will have to see if the car will make it all that way and back nearer the time.


Count down to Hamfest!!!

Wow How great. Lets count down… Im soooooo excited!!! I can hardy contain my self!! Is anyone else as excited as me??



I cant spell



Mike i think I love you…

You whore, Joe.

Now look what you’ve done. Im at it now!

Sorry, my account was jacked by a certain UDC employee… RACHAEL HALL!! tut tut. Anyways, back on topic…

Yes, HamFest is going to be THE place to be!! Please let us know if your coming (along with deposit), as this will help us alot :slight_smile:


Head of Fancy Dress,
HamFest 08


I’m up for this.

Google Earth reckons it’s 164 miles from my house. I’ll probably turn up in the middle of the night as I’ll have to leave after work. But if the roads aint too bad and I get away quick from work, I could be there for about 10pm. Better borrow my flatmates sat-nav.

Is there any way I can register online, or should I just phone?

Nice one.


There’s no online Reg, best bet is to talk to Roger (contact details on first post).

I’m sure the mighty fiesta will make it :slight_smile:



It’s sorted.

Of course “the mighty fiesta” will make it, I did 365 miles in it on saturday with no problems at all.

See you all there!


Hey hey!

I’ve just realised that I’ve got monday the 5th May off work!

Anybody got any plans for the sunday night and half of monday?


I am going to have to seriously consider coming up for this, I had a great time last time I rode at Hamsterley.

How many places have gone so far Roger? I want to know how soon I need to make a decision.



Hardcore Vegans steer clear!

Hey Plumsie, there are 9 places left… thats 21 places gone since it was announced only 4 days ago!!

Edd, Leo and Tom, I reccomend you get a cheque in the post asap… you too plumsie, your names not down till your deposits in.

We are also looking at providing a meal on Friday night (Pasta da Roger in Italian!), and more food throughout the weekend, which is always good :slight_smile:



If I were to meet you in MIlton Keynes would you be up for an extra passenger to share fuel costs?

All sounds very good, will take a look into my funds and see what can be done.

No problem Kit, you are more than welcome to join us aboard the Mobile de PIMP! IF YOU DARE!

I’ll bring the Dorito’s and pornography.