Halo Uni? (plus: my riding efforts)

Hello everyone!

This is a snippet from an interview with a game developer from Halo (a game on the x-box, if anyone doesn’t know what I’m talking about)

For those who don’t know, could you explain what tags are and how we use them:

Tags are the resource files Halo uses. These include everything from the raw model and sound data to the parameters for the weapons to the level layout and scripting. Basically, the tags are the template from which the game is run.

With the tags, you can take the existing shipping build of Halo and add in features never considered before. After Halo shipped, the artists got together and made a map called deathrace, with brand new vehicles (including the unicycle), all without changing a single line of code.

This has to prove that the sport is coming into the mainstream.
I wonder where I can buy a copy of that…:smiley:

Here’s the website:

Oh, and I’ve freemounted without the support of a wall twice, and rode 5 meters without falling off! (I got this uni week)

By the way, Bedford uni’s rule!


Definately a good reason to go out and buy an XBOX, thanks for the good news!