Halls Ranch Riders - I need a saddle for tomorrow!

Hi to all those going to the ride at Halls Ranch tomorrow.

I went for a ride today on the local Ft Collins trails. The trails themselves were nice. I saw more native Coloradoan wildlife: a group of 4 deer, 2 rabbits, countless groundhogs and a snake.  The ride to the trails was about 40min in each direction. To spice it up I found a 4 foot drop along the way. I landed it nicely the first time then tried it again and ended up bending down the nose of my saddle! Oh no! I can still ride it but its pretty uncomfortable.
If anyone has a spare saddle which I could borrow for the ride tomorrow that would be great! My uni has a 22.2mm Miyata-copy seatpost and the miyata seat bolt pattern. So either a saddle alone, or with 22.2mm post would be fine.

See y’all tomorrow,

I’ve got a whole saddle/post assembly that will work for you Tony.

See you at the ride.

Excellent! Thanks George.

See you tomorrow.