halloweenie ideas question

getting a head start on the season, i’m looking for halloween costume ideas that could incorporate a unicycle. BESIDES BEING A CLOWN of course.


A bloodied and broken mtn biker asking “Have you seen my other wheel?” Bonus points if you can get an “imapled on handlebars” look going :wink:

Anyone remember the cartoon Felix the Cat? There was an evil character called “The Master Cylinder”. This guy was some sort of alien that looked like an upside-down metal garbage can on one wheel I believe. Get a very large plastic garbage can cut out a slot to see and paint it silver. I guess you could cut out holes for your arms as well or brave it armless.

But Hallowe’en is about the occult, and therefore evil. What can you be thinking of. Surely the safety of your immortal soul is worth more than an evening of high jinks. I urge you to think carefully.

used to be ‘All hallows’ wich was nice :smiley:

I thought Halloween was about candy? Or the Great Pumpkin…

tie up a hobby-horse to your frame, dress up like cowboy, and itll look like you’re riding a bronco.

this idea was off of a “fun things to do on a unicycle” page, i think on Unicycle.org. it is not my original idea. i just remembered it when i read this and thought i’d let you know.