Last night my roommate and I decided that instead of going downtown to get wasted like everyone seems to do, that we were gonna put on the most ridiculous outfits we could come up with and just go session downtown.

My roommate Travis:


Super fun.

Anyone else have any halloween/unicycle experiences?

Edit: I got a sweet wallpaper from that 2nd pic above:

I rode my 5’ giraffe home from the halloween party I was at (my 20" was somewhere else and it was the only uni I had. :D)

I also got a loan of a 6’ giraffe. Man, different worlds, I tell you.

I’ve always thought it’d be awesome to have a giraffe uni, and make yourself a hooded black robe that goes allll the way to the ground while you’re riding it. you’d look like Death. the only problem you might encounter is getting the robe stuck in the wheel…

yea that would be sweet,maybe you could put some kind on hoola hoop or wire and put in around your tyre some how so the robe hits that enstead of the tire.

I don’t understand. What’s ridiculous about those outfits?

ooh, thats a good idea…actually, what would work is sew the hula hoop into the bottom of the robe, so the robe has a circle shape at the bottom and the hoop would just bounce off the tire every time it hits!! GENIUS!

lol, good luck getting on the giraffe with that

Me and my buddy dressed up as Nelly and Tim Mcgraw for a halloween party.
“'Cause it’s all in my head. I think about it over and over again…” Needless to say, it was clutch. There were also some guys dressed up as the news team from anchorman, and at the end of the night they sang “Afternoon delight” Amazing.

The images won’t load for me, I have this message: