Halloweekend Ride 2008

This was all on the weekend of halloween, 2 rides. Audio and clips split twice I believe, sorry for that. Also, the 2nd date in the credits is wrong. AND the quality is probably bad from compression and bad camera.

To help understand who’s who
Person wearing blue cap/helmet and black shoes-Jon (Ground_Zero)

Person with yellow shoes/blue shirt-Max (Any_Terrain)

Person in soccer outfit-Torsten (BVB231)

Damage Total: 1 refixed post, 2 innertubes

Thanks for watching.

I’d also like to add that the flat SUCKED. Due to parts breaking, it was a little difficult to find time to film our real flat. Expect flat video from the both of us (Me and Any_Terrain) during mid/late winter.

I’ll post the youtube later but because it’s absolutely horrible, horrible, horrible quality.

Edit:How do I embed?

can I have the password or are ya gonna make it public:D.

edit: ^ yes

Ya, just caught that, it should work now.

Sick! 8 set and 4 set flip were nice, you guys keep improving so fast, can’t wait to ride with you guys again.

Awesome job guys, Makes me wanna jump a 7 set right now :smiley: ( I know yours was an 8, but I can’t find one :P).

The four set flip was definately the highlight of this vid, but it looked like you had fun. Cool beans.

Pretty sweet…

Kool vid. Rise Against owns! I’m probably gonna use them in my first vid. The 4 set flip and 360 were probably my favourite parts (although a prehop before twisting tricks looks really bad IMO). You should of put some of your better tricks in there like hickflips and stuff. I guess they’ll be in your next vid though? O and tell your friend to let go of te seat with one hand when he 1spins. He probably would’ve landed it if he did.

haha, there is a five exactly the same, right by it, I was thinking about grinding. But both (5 & 8) are very shaky. Also I can’t grind it now seeing as I still am not sure if i should get another seatpost (for a while).

Well I hope, but I need a seatpost 1st… And we don’t have much street on film… Plus the cold of winter. Not sure if we will have a next video with street soon. (I’ll make sure I put flips on flat for our flat vid.) watch this until then: www.vimeo.com/1942887

He landed one that day but not on film. I ttold him already but he thinks it is easier how he does it.

Can’t wait for it.

Thanks. Their new album is awesome.:smiley:

I agree, I did do it without but it was even sketchier than this one (and I didn’t get it on film)

The ride was more of a fun ride, we went to film some of that stuff but just got bored and went to ride other things than flat. Expect flat and maybe some homemade trials/street stuff this Winter from us.

I think it’d make a nice grind but it’s got some weird ridge in the middle that might make grinding hard. I’m probably gonna try it late spring or summer.

Handrail - nice man! It was quite a low one, but still really good. How long have you two been riding? You progress so fast.

I’ve found a 6 set handrail that would be perfect (it’s not too steep, it’s square, it’s lower than average) except it goes flat at the bottom for like half a metre and last time someone grinded a handrail at this place they got kicked out by security lol. I need to learn to jump off grinds early and then I’ll probably just go for it.

BTW I’m hoping to make my year in vid within the next month since it’s summer holidays here ATM. It’s actually been like about 13 months now since I first touched a unicycle but I don’t think anyone will mind :P. Anyway I didn’t get my own and learn to ride properly till a month after that.

That was good guys.

You guys really break things eh ? I never really have broke anything, I maybe have popped a tube once, but nothing else :stuck_out_tongue:

I spotted so many amazing rails in the vid, your so lucky, everything around here stinks for rails, or it’s perfect, but then it’s like an 11 set rail. So I hope to see some rail stuff in the next vid from you guys :slight_smile:

Good going,


I have been riding for about 11 months.

Well I have broken three posts and two frames… :frowning: (2 tubes too)

We do have a bunch of rails by us (well the next town over from us). My plan for our next street vid is to get a few more handrails or film at a skate park.

Glad to hear all you guys liked it.