Has anyone here tried riding a half pipe on their unicycle? And if so was how did you find it? I’m heading down to my local park to experiment a bit, I shall report on my return. (hopefully nothing’ll be too broken, or at least nothing I haven’t got two of)

it’s pretty boring

unless you could coast, i suppose, but you don’t have the momentum as a skateboard.

Re: halfpipes

follow this link to a thread about a movie that features (among others) a 29’r in a half pipe
all the detail about riders etc is in that thread

it seems the big-wheel brigade is quite confident about getting some air off the lip of a low(ish) halfpipe

i’m wondering if we’ll ever see a unicycle (maybe a harpered coker?) in a globe of death?

I seem to remember that that really good german fella, felix, at www.unitrials.de had some good vids/pics of halfpipe work. He got his legs going so fast on the 20 i couldnt believe it! it was a really tall half pipe and he would almost get to the top! But now that i look at the site it looks like it has been changed around a little so i cant find the videos i was talking about. Could you maybe help us out, felix?

Kevin McMullin does some really sweet quater pipe to quarter pipe work in his sponsor me video. http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/albus80
(its the first video)

I personally really like halfpipes. They are real nice to jump into because of the transitioned landing (add a 360 for spice). I like to use my 24 in this case because i can get a lot more momentum on it. I can get up and out of small to medium halfpipes on my 24. With the really big ones where i cant ride out of, I ride as high as i can get on the side then hop as high as i can. Sometimes i can pedal grab the lip and pull myself out or grind or just do a 180 and go back down. I’m sure theres a lot more that can be done, I’m just not that creative.

Tell us how it goes at your local skate park. Dont let Sofa’s lack of cajones discourage you. :smiley:

Ohh and one more thing. If you are fortunate enough to have two halfpipes that are right next to eachother and seperated by a spine, this could offer a ton of potential for different tricks.

Happy riding - erik

didn’t actually manage to make it to the park today due to spoke problems, and have had to put my one wheeled chariot to rest for a while until I can get hold of my mate who’s pretty darned hot on the technical side of bikes. But soon as I do I’ll be straight down to the park to “hang” with all the skaters and see what happens. I only have a 20" but it’s quite a small half pipe at my local park so it shouldn’t be too much of a hindrance. I can imagine that you can get some great jumps out of the pipe off the transfer, I guess it’ll come down to how big my testicles are that day to see how high up the ramp I jump off. Anyway, got to hop, cheers mango for the links and encouragement, and I promise a full report as soon as mellow yellow’s back in action again.