What do you think about this:

I will still stick with my unicycles and bikes :slight_smile:

Oh my …
This is so …

I think i’ll stick with my unicycles too.




Half the advantages of either a bike or a unicycle. They could have at least stuck a sturmey in it to give it some gears.

For that much money you could get a damn good new unicycle or a very good second hand bike (or even an ok new one). The idea that it is small enough to take on public transport is utterly laughable.

Also the back wheels… Putting (what looks like hydraulic rim) brakes on them is just silly, they will either lift or lock up under braking. Their size also makes me wonder about how it would handle real conditions: cracks, potholes etc.

Looks fun to ride.
Not for me though. There’s nowhere to park my bum :o

It does look fun. Though I think I’d have fun zooming around an urban landscape with anything that has wheels.

For any distance, and with no seat, wouldn’t your legs be screaming?

A better name might be oneandahalfbike. :stuck_out_tongue:

Grown up trike gimmic…

Although I totally agree with you, I’ve heard similar comments from people regarding Unicycle - as if Uni should cost half the price of Bicycle while it’s not true as we know.

But I think this “Halfbike” is totally impractical and I can’t believe that anyone can ride it for any distance that is longer than few hundred meters while standing the whole time long…

I agree it’s a gimmick, not more than that.

That was my first thought, we all remember the ‘Oh, I can make my unicycle go forward 100 feet, BUT MY LEGS ARE ON FIRE BECAUSE I CANT PLANT MY BUM IN THE SEAT YET’ stage right? :smiley:

Not sure about taking this on public transport, the big handle thing sort of negates any smallness the bottom carriage has…

Yeah, I think even those silly 1-wheeled bikes that clowns ride are more efficient and handy than that thing :smiley:

It is quite true for most unis and quite a bunch of bikes. However, unis are much cheaper in the higher segments. :slight_smile:

And the halfbike looks like the other side of skatebike:
And I guess it is same useful :wink:

I was going to say that it looks like a backwards skate bike without a saddle. It also looks like they are using a standard mountain board wheel/truck set. The only thing that looks custom made is the frame itself. I’m having a hard time getting my head around the $800 price tag.

As for the bike/uni comparison. I honestly think that for cost alone uni’s are a great deal. Consider that for $800 you can have a high end uni. $800 gets you into a decent starter bike if you are serious about riding. If you want a bike that is comparable in status to the $800 uni you are well over $2000. On the other hand, when you consider how much more complicated a bike is (even if you are using a geared hub), uni’s are pricey. Consider that a bike under a thousand dollars has gears, and s Schlumpf is $1400 by itself.

In the end it is really hard to draw an honest comparison between uni and bike cost.

I agree, but in this case there is no seat to eventually put your weight on. You can coast though and I suppose that your legs get rest while coasting.

Just costed what i could find;

The mountainboard rear end and brakes came to $200 rrp (seriously, mountain boards make unicycles look cheap). I doubt the bmx rear wheel, ASM tyre, bottom bracket, cranks and chain came to another 200. It looks to have nukeproof/deity pedals so add another $50. Postage should be covered with $100.

That leaves $250 for the frame, taxes and profit if you built it yourself or they bought off the shelf components. The component prices I have mentioned are far higher than the business rates they will pay if they start manufacturing it.

Yeah that was my point - It’s beginner’s unicycling leg agony, with no eventual respite :frowning:

Handlebars made of wood?

I’m not keen on those sticks for handlebars. Seems like a bad idea to me. It does say in the pitch that it’s “suitable for short distances” so maybe they know about the leg burn. The design kind of reminds me of the “swing designed by committee”.

Agreed. They should call it “whole trike -ah, without a seat”:smiley:

If you leave out the handle and make the tilting resistance really soft, it might be a good training device for the ultimate where you can learn how to pedal with your whole weight on your feet and not tilting the wheel by pedaling …

Yup that mountain board truck looks like the most expensive part. If I had a mountain board I would consider building something like this out of scrounged parts. I would add another foot rest in between the back wheels for a more comfortable coasting position.

I like the look of the plywood handle. It should be stiff side to side with some flex front to back, seems relatively ideal for this application.

I have been curious about the Halfbike. Seth’s Bike Hacks has a pretty good presentation of it:

That looks fun!

Somehow I’ve missed this one up until now. They call it HalfBike. I see three wheels. To me it’s a StandUp Tricycle. But what’s in a name, besides marketing? :slight_smile:

As anyone who rides SIF for any distance can attest, riding while standing up, esp. with no seat, is going to be a great leg workout! Beyond that, I don’t know if I see the point. If I’m going to have to apply the brakes really hard while zooming down one of those mountain roads featured in the video, I’d rather have the typical layout of a conventional bike to keep me from hitting the ground, being followed by the bike as a chaser. :astonished: