Half pipes

I had the opertunity to ride a 4 foot half pipe and was wondering how many other people had tried it?

I know theres alot of talk about how it wont work because of how fast you have to pedal to get back up the other side. But I found that dropping in and doing large banked turns, 180’s at the coping, and riding out backwards was alot of fun and with pratice very doable. I was unable to get back up the other side wall, but with some pratice I think I might be able to do it.

I was also thinking that a faster uni would make things a bit easier. I was thinking ideal half pipe uni would be a light weight 24 with fireball tire and 150ish cranks. This way you can have the speed you need to work the walls to the fullest and who knows maybe even be able to get back up to the lip and do grinds, footplants and other tricks.

That rocks! Any pictures/videos?

Half pipes

Chex, you are wearing a helmet in there, aren’t you? :astonished: Have fun! Keep your brains in one place!

Maybe even 125 cranks. that would help you get the speed up. What would be really cool is if you could ride up the other wall tehn just as yu reach near he top, turn 180 and go into a pedal grind!! Pics please :slight_smile:

I wouldnt mind getting a freeewheeling uni with a brake for control and trying that…

A four foot half-pipe should not be too bad, is it half the size of a regular one? From the ground to the coping its usually about 8 feet (thats a wild guess). The last couple of feet are seemingly impossible to get up due to the steepness. On a four foot ramp there wouldn’t be as much vertical near the lip so it would be much more possible to unicycle up. I have only ever tried the bigger ramps and never found them to be much fun. The rest of the skatepark seemed more suited to unicycling.

I’ll try to get some pix of me going at it.

Yes the 4 foot pipe is basically half an 8 footer, there is no actual vert in the pipe it gets to about 80’ then the coping starts up.

Yes I always wear a brain bucket when I’m trying these things.

and yes I’ll try to get pix sometime next week.


Re: Half pipes

wouldn’t a ‘harper-hub’ in a 20 be ideal?