Half pipe?

would it be possible to a halfpipe with a unicycle? i guess it would but it would be way to hard to constantly be pumping and… how would you go up those verticle inclines… bah! what are your opinions?

done it.
i didn’t get any ait though! I just went up as far as i could then uni’d backwards the other way. ha ha, it certainly turned a few heads.

Done it too and when I was at my highest point I jump 180.

I’m fairly sure I saw a video of someone doing it on a coker.

Ive done it so many tiems…but only down :wink: ive never heard of anyone making it up the otehr side…

it’s not very easy…can’t get any air. what’s more fun is ride up a quarter pipe, and hop as high as you can and do a 180 then land and ride back down. it’s easy, but looks flippin’ sweet. I’ve dropped in to a five foot half pipe too, it’s not hard, just lean forward.

If you can find a mini pipe, something 3 feet or lower, you can get some air…

Just wait until people start riding BC wheels through skateparks…