half flip

hi, ive been trying to learn how to crankflip but im getting nowhere. now im trying to do half of a crankflip. Ive never seen anyone do one before so I was wondering if that is a good way to lear.

ps. if anyone can post of vid of them doing on it would help alot.


not that it’ll help but: use the search there’s TONS of threads on this, most not a month old.

Not that I know much about crankflips but I think I heard somewhere that its just as easy to learn a full flip as it is to get the half flip. I my previous experience with moves such as unispins, going the whole way is usually not that much harder and far more rewarding. Just start going at it with the full flip again and with time you’ll no doubt get it eventually.
If you need any help with it then check the search like has already been mentioned or go to unicycletips.com.


Spenecer and I (Jeff) created a video tutorial for unicycletips.com on crankflips so take a look at that (in the Street Section).

I would suggest concentrate on full crankflips over half flips. Maybe mess around a bit with half flips but in my opinion they dont really help you learn full flips at all. The feeling is totally different between the two.

I can’t even land a half flip ha. I think you should just learn full flips first. Thats what I did.


Same here.


I did half flip before I learned crankflip.
It’s pretty easy, just ride, take a little hop and remove your foots. You don’t really need to spin the cranks…

so its more like a rolling no footer?

Yeah, half flips are rolling no footers. I learned them first and they are a really bad way to learn. They are nothing like normal crankflips and once you get used to the halves it is really hard to change the technique. Doing a half flip and full flip are not the same diffculty because in a half flip you don’t have to put any effort in to flip it, you just jump off and if you are riding forward then it will turn half way.
You shouldn’t purposely learn the halves as a step to normal ones but if you want to see some there are some in my gallery in my sig. Go to movies and click on half crankflips/rolling no footers.