Haig Concrete Graveyard Film

Go check out this awesome video:



—I fixed the stupid codec.

as always, awesome!

I think I need me a Codec.

This movie, to me, all comes out like nagatively exposed film.

Anyone know the codec I need to be looking for?

(I can’t imagine you filmed the movie in ‘negative’…but did you?)


I love when I’m watching a movie and then I say to myself, ‘I can’t believe they’re gonna drop that! I’d smash right into the ground!’

And then they do.

Often, that’s way more entertaining than someone (let’s just say KH, for example) about to do an enormous drop and land it.

Nice vid, hope it’s in colour!

That was soooo great! I love the colors too! What a nice playground you have. Thanks for the sunday morning entertainment. I watched as i ate my pancakes but sometimes i couldnt chew cause my jaw was hanging open. :slight_smile:

i was eating some ben and jerry’s cookiedough icecream and i got a ton of it on my face. I normally do but this time i had an excuse… and a very good one. Well done.