I have the 2007 torker dx frame. Which has loads of clearance. So I could swap my 19" rim with my sisters 20" rim and get a 20G tyre!:smiley: I think I should do this. Could I use the same spokes on each rim? or would I have to get brand new ones? Oh and can anyone show me some good wheel building tutorials?

Get new spokes. I said a while ago the 07 dx frame was probably the only one that would fit the twenty G. The onza might because that looks like it has a lot of clearance. You cannot use the same spoke length for a trials and 20" rim, it won’t fit. What kind of 20" rim is it?

If there was a yuni with like 8mm more clearance it would work with the 20g

Can I use the spokes from the 20" rim I got? Its my sisters LX rim. When I rode the lx I thought the rim was all right. I didn’t have a real trials tyre and had shitty roll out so mine flatspotted. But she hardly uses hers. How does that tyre work spencer? I would think pretty good. For most street riding you want to hop directly onto anything so grip isn’t important.

I haven’t really ridden the twentyG much. If you are going to relace it you should use a rim stronger than the LX. The hubs are probably not the same dimensions.

Oh I see. How hard is it to make a slick?

hard. it takes like 5 hours and you can ruin the tire

Depends on the tire. Tryall would be the easiest, then maxxis then luna being hard. That is due to tread pattern and rubber compound.

Search for sheldon brown, he has a great online wheelbuilding tutorial.