haha motorized uni!

I hope somebody else didn’t post this already, but it’s pretty cool! Looks like it would be like a motorized BC!

Here’s his website: http://jackiechabanais.com/the_monocycle.htm

That’s pretty cool. I was expecting a repeat of old posts about the “self-balancing” motorized unicycle, but this one looks like he actually is doing the balancing himself, with the help of feathering the engine. Looks pretty hard to ride.

yea, he had to speed it up just right so it moved under his center of gravity when he mounted it, then just keep it at a steady speed and its a motorized bc with a seat…or vary the motors speed a bit and its a uni you balance with your fingertips…

That’s looks hard and fun at the same time. :smiley:

Jackie Chabanais’ motorized unicycle has been mentioned before. But the YouTube video is new. He has a short Windows Media video on his web site that I had seen before.

His motorized unicycle is all manually controlled. There are no Segway electronics involved. All controlled by a throttle held in his hand. Amazing.

It’s so awesome I’d like one. I don’t care if it’s difficult to ride.

I believe he claims to have taken several hours a day for several months to learn to ride this device, despite already being a highly skilled stunt rider.

probably why he still wears a helmet!

Must be really difficult, yet looks more fun to ride than the self balancing uni’s.

looks like a broken neck…let’s try it!!!:D:D

Haha that looks like so much fun! I want one.

Trials motorcycle training

Years ago at a motorcycle show I saw a motorized unicycle made from a hacked-up and re-welded Honda CT70. That one had handlebars, though. It was made for a trials motorcycle rider (I can’t remember his name, sorry) by the rider’s dad for practicing.

Here’s another one

This one is a regular trials motorcycle with the front forks and wheel removed.

this has been posted on the fora somewhere before, i know i’ve seen it on here.

I want one for hills climbs!

This is cooler.
Generation 1:

Generation 2:


I want a Generation 2 one.

That was very cool. Two videos I haven’t seen before, the first one and the Generation 2. Here’s a video of the Trevor Blackwell motor-uni in action:
BTW the street in that video is not level either; downhill followed by uphill.

yea i just came across this on youtube. or somthing similar. deffinantly worth watching.( its no tthe same thing.)