Had to come up with new Extreme sport after uni broke

This is the new extre sport I came up with. Tell me what you think. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MjQwL4I8eEA

Hahaha, that was good!

haha nice!



Hey Rick, you must be really bored without your unicycle… how did you break it?


yeah did a big drop then it busted! Not cool

so did you bend the crank?

nope busted a crank arm clean in half! The onzas stink

with the price of gasoline, you could probably get a new crank for a couple hours worth of extreme grilling fuel.

42 gallons?

Man some guy makes a clever joke and there always has to be some cynical guy on here to destroy it! To bad

Podzol is a girl.

hey!..mabee when you get your uni fixed you can grill while unicycling!!!

Ha Ha nice!

yeah, i know what you mean. my muni’s cranks wont stop creaking, and i’ve tightedn them down all the way it’s pissing me off :angry:
you better get that fixed so we can ride this summer