Had an epiphany: A unicycle frame with disc brakes can run any size wheel

I was riding last night on my 29er when it occurred to me that if you have a disc brake frame, then any wheel/tire combo that cleared the stays would be compatible. So no more magura mounts, I can own one frame and swap wheels from a 24, 26, 29 which will cut down on cost, improve storage, etc…

The only thing I’d have to do is change seat height based on crank length!

The proposed Nimbus Oregon by UDC has more than enough clearance for a Surly Larry and I know from experience that the largest 29er tire is just slightly taller (< 1") than the Larry, so this frame should allow for 24, 26, and 29 muni, YEAH!

Josh said either Spring or Summer for completes :slight_smile:

Parts will be a little longer.

Not Quite an epiphany but…

Not quite a epiphany Nurse Ben, but I get it, and we’re doing it today! See attached 24, 29, 36 wheel all with Disc set ups. And you either need a welder friend (or personal welding skills) or a Quality Frame Manufacturer like Triton who understand the significant benefits of Disc Brake technology. :slight_smile:

It eliminates the need for Mag/ VBrake braze on mounts for each size rim.


Disc Mounted to 24Hunter.jpg

That’s right, there are two ways to go on the disc brake, hub mounted rotor or crank mounted rotor.

I have specific cranks I use and like, hubs are hubs, plus I want to avoid putting anything more outboard than the frame so I don’t hit my ankles and feet, so I’m gonna opt for the hub mounted rotors.

Still, if a frame was wide and tall enough, you could accomodate a variety of wheels/tires, pretty cool stuff.

Nimbus Frame not stiff enough for hardcore Muni…

I have the Nightrider frame on my 36-er, it’s fine for on road stuff but off-road… I get a little frame flex on my Surly Conundrum with Large Marge/Larry set-up. I think the Nimbus frame would not hold up.

I am psyched for my Triton triple frame with disc mounts… my only concern about switching 24/26/29 wheelsets is the stress to the threads in taking off and putting on the wheels. I guess some careful threading and grease should put those worry’s away :slight_smile:

Now, we just need some quick release bearing holders and the one frame dream will be a reality! I can see it now, a sweet looking Triton triple muni frame hanging in my garage with a 24" large marge/ 3.0 tire and Mountainuni disc/Sinz cranks, a 26" large marge/ larry tire and Mountainuni disc/Sinz cranks and a 29" KH rim/ 2.5 tire (possibly Guni hub) and Mountainuni disc/Sinz cranks hanging next to it. Traveling would be super easy, one frame, one set of cranks/crank-mounted discs and 2-3 wheelsets :smiley:

I always thread backwards and wait for the click and then screw it in. No matter what it is. It’s the 100% safe way of making sure you threaded properly.

EDIT: Unless you were talking about the possibility of wearing down the threads?

you wont believe it: i just received my triton frame from jogi (29"), i ordered it with 3 sets of cranks and discs (4th one has to come too), so i’ll have different wheels to go with it: 29", 26" geared and ungeared, i’ll have sets for downhill only, for XC… what ever you want… ( sure i still have the 20" for trials/street and the geared 36" for distance riding and an other 26" for street :p)

actually it’s not the frame i ordered, because it’s one with rimbrake mounts too, i ordered dics brake only… it will follow in a couple weeks, for this time i my use this frame which i’ll give back to jogi

I don’t see it as a deal breaker, just something to be careful with. Even if you had some debris in the threads, it could wear the thread or cause you to cross a thread. It’s probably a non-issue unless you’re changing wheels every day, then, some rubbing alcohol to clean the threads, carefully threading the bolt and a touch of grease will keep them nice and new.

If you think the Surly flexes, wait till you ride Ti :astonished:

The Oregon frame is being design for muni, unlike the Night rider which is designed for touring, so lighter and as a result, flexier. The 36" wheel is such abig floppy thing anyhow, I’m always amazed that folks would risk messing up their 36er rim with off roading it, but then maybe they like building wheels :stuck_out_tongue:

My Conundrum doesn’t flex much at all, it’s at least as stiff as a KH, and far stiffer than my Ti frame. The Larry is certainly a flexy tire, could also be your wheel build and tensioning. With such a big wheeled uni, flex sorta goes out the window :roll_eyes:

Seriously, I don’t think UDC would design a frame that isn’t strong enough. That design is time tested by Hunter, UDC and others, plus Josh and some other core riders have been riding that Oregon hard, as in KH hard, so if they can’t break it…

As to QR bearing holders, yeah, that would be awesome and it’s totally doable, just need someone to draw it up in CAD and have a machine shop start cutting them to size.

My idea was to have one side hinge from an adjustable stop that screws into the existing mount, then the QR side would have a two part unhinged stop that also screws into the existing mount, the of which serves as the hook for the QR. The cap itself, hinged on one side, would have an adjustable QR lever that loops over the hook and ratchets into place.

It would be a great aftermarket add on…

The wheel build is solid, the Lm rim doesn’t flex, it’s definitely the frame when pushing hard. The Conundrum frame is steel, the KH frame is aluminum and stiffer than the Surly frame as far as I have experienced, Ti can be flexy if not built correctly; who made your frame? Is it a Triton?

hot, or what?

project is’nt finished yet, still waiting für 26" schlumpf wheelset and i have to cut the brake line and as i said it’s not my “real” frame…

Ti frame was locally made, went through a number of rebuilds until the stiffness issues were resolved, but I still find that Ti is flexy, esp when compared to Al. Steel is sorta in between.

I have used my stout built LM on more than one uni and it was flexiest in the Ti, less flexy on my Surly. Wheel flex is what makes for brake run, which is what makes a disc brake so appealing to me.

I email Josh at UDC about whether the Oregon frame will fit a 29er with a Stout, he said yes, I designed it that way. Josh, he’s da man!

So, what about those QR bearing caps?

Just imagine:
One uni build up with QR bearing caps and a QR seat post clamp
Four wheel sets (LM + Larry, KH 26 + Duro, KH29 + RR 2.4, KH 24 + Duro)

Swap wheels as fast as you can remove and replace the QR caps. I could carry two or three wheels with me, pick the one that works best, then even come back and swap if I wanna ride something different.

How cool would that be?

So what’s the Q factor on those Sinz in comparison to Moments?

What lengths do they come in?

Definitely hot.

One thing that I’ve wondered (and I apologise if it’s been brought up already) is how do you tighten the bearing clamp on the disc side of the wheel?
Do you just use a really long allen key?

Q-factor: a little more than the kh’s

length: mine are 150’s (ill drill them maybe… dualhole 125/150), but for most of mine riding 150 is ok… (135-140 would be better…)

allen key: i use a tool like a screw driver which has changable allen keys in the front.

takes me 1 minute to change the wheelsets including seat hight :smiley:

It’ll be interesting to see how long the spokes hold out on that Mad4One hub and disc brake… seems to me that tiny flanges and disc brake isn’t a combination that’ll be kind to spokes. On a little trials wheel they may be fine, but I’d have thought you’d need bigger flanges with a big wheel. Hopefully I’m wrong :o


EDIT: But otherwise I’m very jealous of your collection Turtle! (although I do think rim brakes look much tidier)


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You have my frame… I’ll take it back now :wink:
That’s the frame I will be buying as soon as they get some more triple frames with disc mounts… I am SOOOO jealous. All i need is a few sets of disc/cranks and I’ll have a similar set (except my 26" wheel-set has a Surly Larry Tire on it :sunglasses:

Yup, that is part of the reason that I am getting a “super” triton triple frame. Just a bit taller than the standard triple and with disk brake mount. I will be able to run skinny 32, Uber-fat 29, regular 29, Larry wide 26, regular 26 all without having to move the brake.

I am going to steal your uni! :astonished:

Kidding… I can wait for my own; although I’m not going to get the Triton “super triple”, I can’t really wrap my head around everything you just mentioned… :stuck_out_tongue:

The frame just arrived at my parents house, which unfortunately is about 700km away, Maybe I will take the next weekend off and pick it up (along with other bits to make it ridable. I have been looking forward to that frame since I first sewed two tires together over two years ago.

This is going to be fun.