Had a good riding day...progress too!

I was only out for about an hour and a half, but that’s better than nothing. I got tired too. But I can consistently get 14" seat in, until my legs get tired anyway. I started thinking about pulling the uni up with me instead of pogoing around on it and that helped a lot. My one foot idle was more controlled for some reason today so that was good. I’m trying to transition into one foot riding from 1ft idle, but that’s still rough. My backwards riding feels a lot better now too.

Today, I finally made a solid, concentrated effort to try seat out, riding and hopping. Wow. If there ever was a good leg workout…sheesh. Wheel wobble (?) was kinda bad, but as long as I held the seat up against my thighs, it wasn’t too awful.

I landed a 30" drop after 4 tries. I keep trying to roll out, but the wheel doesn’t want to follow. On the one partially successful rollout attempt, I bent my ankle too far back. So would it be easier to ride off the edge so that the uni is moving forward AND the wheel is turning? Because right now I am stationary on the edge, and then I give a small prehop and a 90 degree turn so that the wheel is perpendicular to the edge.

Also, how can I boost my confidence? There are a lot of things I really want to try, but then I chicken out when I get right about to do it. I mean, I have leg armor, wrist guards and a uni that won’t break. I shouldn’t be worried about injury or busted stuff, but I am for some reason. What else can I do?

Other than that it was a beautiful day (65 degrees and sunny) for a quick ride. Now back to my physics homework.

i’m also getting better at taller drops. 30 inches is no longer “tall” for me. though i landed a 4 foot loading dock drop that seemed pretty big still(i’m also riding a 24" muni).

i think doing a front hope from a stationary position is the best way to learn. rolling off things can be tricky to get pedals right, etc. i try to land about 60/40 with more weight on the front pedal so it starts rolling the second i hit the ground. remember to lean forward a bit but not too far and collapse your torso to absorb the impact. catboy’s written a few good FAQs on this sort of thing in different threads. bascially keep dropping until that height is no longer scary or hard or whatever, then go bigger.

yay … a progress thread :smiley:

52 F today … felt like summer !

Riding backwards feels so kewl :sunglasses:

I got 4 revs in reverse today, before dismount.
But, I pulled off 3 1/2 rotations backwards and pulled out forward with ease a couple times.
I’m finding that my reverse skills are directly related to opposing muscle tension. I don’t know if this is good, but, that what I notice. (building rear leg muscle strength …?)

I think when I get reverse down, I’m going to do it ALOT :smiley:

My idling is more relaxed but still not very long.

Lots of people out watching me :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s hard to keep people to their own buiz on a nice day like today… so, I avoided eye contact …lol

I’m finding that my riding backwards has straightened out a lot, but steering backwards feels so weird right now.

Oh, and Dave, that’s why I live in central Illinois as opposed to northern. Summer comes faster. :smiley: Where in Chicago are you? I’m originally from Rockford.

Born in Evergreen Park.
Reared in Palos Park until parents divorced.
Mom remarried, moved to Pekin (6 to 17 years old)
College in Carbondale.
After graduation moved to Chicago Loop area.
Then moved to ‘Wriglyville’ near Cubs park for 20 years or so…
Now in Evanston.

Yeah, I miss an earlier spring.
And spring is really short … goes straight to summer here.
Summers aren’t long enough.
Fall seems to be getting longer now.
Winter is just to long.

I’m not having a problem staying straight backwards ATM.
That will probably change when I need to learn to manuver.

I had some ‘biz’ in Rockford years ago.
Spent around 2 months in the Ramanda Inn outside town.
Enough time to get the hot spots, shoot pool, and go bowling too.

That’s cool. My saxophone repair man is in Evanston. Small world, eh?

I like this saying …

First time I heard this was in the UK, when I was in Scunthorpe on biz.

“we live in a global village”

meaning the world is getting smaller, in a social way.

Progress? I did a suicide mount, and I finally achieved a kind of side mount where you bring your foot around the front of teh seat. I like the latter more, it’s harder :stuck_out_tongue:

sounds cool. i have really been progressing a lot sicne i started. i have recently got gliding down and have about a 20 second clip that i have no clue how to put it where people can view it(any ideas?). also things that i dont practice much have come to me over the years. like backwards riding and idling perfectly. i practice sometimes 3+ hours a day so now im gonig for a stand up ww.


“It’s a small world, but I wouldn’t want to paint it.” - Stephen Wright