hacksaw a nimbus 36"

I have this idea to hacksaw a nimbus 36"-frame so it will fit a 29" wheel. Bearing holders would have to be cut and rewelded and the fork legs have to be bent a little. I think it is doable. Do you think its doable? Worthwhile?

it already will fit a 29" wheel, just with a lot of clearance. But since your not
doing freestyle it shouldn’t matter to much.

Sounds like a bad idea… why not just run a 29" Wheel in it without cutting it?

Due to the angles of the frame legs it’ll be really difficult to take out a couple of inches and get everything to line up nicely. As you said, you’ll need to cut it at the bearing holder but then you’ll also have to cut out the brace between the legs. You could then bend the legs back to the right spacing to line up with the bearing holder but then the angle will be different so you’d have to cut the braces to match up to the new angle before welding them back in. Do-able but an awful lot of work. Just go buy a KH29.

You’re right – the fork legs angle (as seen from the side) won’t fit the bearing holder after the cut – they will be too wide apart.

Well thanks, I knew I could trust you guys to talk me out of this project. But honestly, it would be nice with a triangular frame for the 29" wheel wouldn’t it?

Is it really necessary? I have the standard radial frame on my 36er and even that feels plenty stiff enough on the big wheel.

If you were looking into cutting and re welding your frame you might as well build a hunter style 29" frame. Get some thin tube 4130 and another short section that will fit a 25.4mm seatpost and buy two sets of main cap style bearing holders from UDC (one set to weld to the frame and the other set to be the actual bearing caps).

As bad as cutting up, and re-welding a torker dx frame? gaps