Hackey Sack on a Uni.

If i can one foot idle with my foot out do you think it would be possible for me to do this feat. I am quite good at hackey sack so hitting it wont be a problem for me. Let alone catching it(I rock at stalls) but wont i fall of when i flick my leg. This is something im gonna have to try. Any comments would help at this as this will be my first time.


Sounds sweet! Video’s or pics, please. I think we have something new to add to Universe 2.:smiley:

I don’t think you’re gonna get many useful replies to that question, as nobody or not many people have ever tried it. But, I may be proven wrong.

hacky sack uni

i have limited experience with this, but here it goes–

your other leg is used quite a bit for balance when one foot idling, either if you put it on the frame or have it out. therefore when you stall or hit the hack with your foot, that movement must be incorperated into your balancing on the unicycle. i have not had much luck with this, since in a hack circle i could never really be prepared for when the hack was coming to me. i have found a bit more luck however, with hopping and standstills. i can stall a hack on mt foot by hopping up before it gets to me, and having it land on my foot as i start to land(gotta go into standstill from there) and also bouncing the hack on my wheel a few times before it drops

good luck, hope this helps

Sofa…king at Jester’s…would think that uni-hack is possible…although, generally a hack of 4 people has 3 people that suck :frowning: good luck…it’s possible!

Hackey Sack on a Uni.

This thread belongs in the “Just Hip-pees” forum.

No it belongs here:)

I love hackey sack!
Stalls are the best! Im really good at neck stalls. But n e way, I think it would work, you wold just have to be a realy godd 1 foot idler to keep balance.