guys i need help.......

im a level like 1 and a half rider. i can freemount, ride, hop, hoptwist 180 and hop up 5in curbs and gap bout 10inches. but heres my problem…i was aked to do a show on halloween by a tenant in my building for all the kids…i plan to unicycle juggle and make ballon animals for the kids and give them candy and all that. juggling and baloon animals im fine for but what kind of performance can i give for the unicycling part…i have this weekend to prepare. anyideas would be great. thanks guys. if i can get it on video ill post after the show.

I am not a performer but…
When I ride in public, people seem to get kick out of backward riding, hops, and standstill, and spins. Basically all the free-style stuff. Different kinds of mount you do seems to be missed by the public. Also riding a BIG uni like a Coker gets their attention. Giraffe may work the same.

Can you idle?

If you can juggle or model balloons while idling, I think that would really go down well.

like i said those listed above are my skills. so no idle. i just need a good list of stuff that i can do with those skills

Do a lot of hopping and twisting. I get the feeling that a lot people don’t appreciate how difficult some uni tricks are, but hopping and twisting always amaze the masses. :wink:

I’m not a Experienced rider but I can do a lot of things. I ride a trials unicycle all the time. when I’m around people I always impress them by going backwards, hopping, and sometimes wheelwalking. Use your 180 a lot.