Gusset Tire Problems.

If you have been following my threads you’ll after discovering a cracked frame (and subsequent purchases) that I have had a few problems/questions.

Now on to the tire. I’ve been noticing that during hockey games when I accelerate fast the uni would wobble and I’d fall off.

When fitting the wheel to the new frame I noticed when spinning the wheel around that the tire is uneven. The tire is a gusset 20" in white (not that the colour matters. It does not appear to sit on the rim of the wheel evenly despite the rim looking fine.

Looking at the inner edge of the tire (that meets the metal rim) the I noticed an extra lip but only on 1/5th of the tire. The tire does not meet up evenly with the rim all the way around because of this (is this a miss pressing or normal??), I’m not sure is this is the source of the problem but the wheel does have clear bumps as it spins.

The tire is not that old, 3 1/2 months so the usual bald spots where I get on or idle should not be that prominent.

Any advice?

I only have two of those (pink -seriously- but not that colors matters), and used only one a little bit.
Both have issues with the metal inside. I cut myself extreme bad with it.
The metal wires (multiple per side) is very tuff and rigid and breaks.
That may have happened to yours also. But even if, the I expect that yours just is uneven mounted.
So deflate, press it in the right position and inflate…
…and please let us know if that helped for you.

Leo, Thanks I did exactly what you suggested and it seems to work. Let’s just hope it holds.