GUni: Shifting Techniques

The venture 2’s are out of stock and I was told that the main difference is that the regular ventures are lighter, and do have a slight Q. the venture 2’s have basically zero Q and a tad heavier, hence the claim that they are “40% stronger”. I think they should work fine on the hub as several other riders use them ans seem to like them. The regular ventures are more than 200g lighter than the moments.

Thanks man! Wow, how much did you tighten your pedals? I tighten mine no more than by hand, and they never come loose since the threads are the same direction as riding. Unless you plan to ride backwards a lot, there’s really no reason to tighten them very much at all.

Now that I think of it, maybe it’s the venture 2’s that are more compatible with the schlumpf! The regular ventures look like they have an extended “lip” that could hit the c-clip on the splined axle. The lip might be able to be ground down. But the actual total depth of the crank hole opening on the crank is probably about the same as the moments, which are thicker, but without the lip.


Venture II fits fine on the Schlumpf hub, I was running the 150s until I recently changed to 137 Moments, they fit very well, super light, no Q to speak or, well made.

However, K1 cranks do not fit, they go on to far and push on the C clip.

I tend to ride with my heels out, so I prefer the low Q cranks, though there was a time…

Terry, I’m right behind you on reducing weight, got some lighter pedals coming, already swapped out tires, thinking about reinstalling the Ventures, but I’m gonna stay with the Duro DH tube for flat resistance; my behind is a tad heavier han yours :o

Really dig on that reach down and shift method, never would have thought to try that.

I run Tensiles on both the G26" and the G36". So far I really like them best.
Lighter than the moments and stronger than the ventures. The Q factor is something to get used to when shifting. My 26er hub unfortunately is acting strange in low gear lately so I guess it wants to meet its maker rather soon :(.

Can’t find those on the UDC (US) website, but I did see them. I’m not a fan of the pedal thread inserts, and from what I’ve heard, the next gen moments will do away with them…finally! I have 110/125 moments, which don’t have the inserts, and they have performed perfectly well for me with no issues whatsoever, and no insert retainers to fall out…as they have for MANY including myself! Plus they’re lighter without them. :slight_smile:

Just got my new nimbus venture cranks (and MG-1 pedals) and while installing the cranks into my Schlumpf hub, I noticed a couple things that could be of concern. So I want to ask those who use ventures on your GUni, or at least know about the compatibility aspect, whether the following is something to be concerned about.

Once the cranks are torqued, they end up all the way on, until the crank bolt bottoms out against the flat top of the axle, leaving no room for further tightening if/when they loosen up. I was worried that with the cranks all the way on they would also hit the c clip, but there is still about 2mm clearance. The moments still had lots of room to re-tighten if they ever got loose, and there was much more space between the moments and the c clips.

It would seem then that the venture crank hole openings are somewhat larger than the moments! I say this because the ventures went on so easily, and all the way until the bolt was stopped by the end of the axle.

And because the diameter of the venture crank holes are noticeably a larger diameter than the moments, leaving a decided space around the shift button. It seems to shift fine but with that much space between the buttons and the crank holes, more dirt, mud and debris could get in there.

So now I’m wondering if the ventures were made this way purposely? Also Are any of these things cause for concern? Btw, these are the regular venture isis, not the venture II, which are currently out of stock. (UDC-US)



I think that is a cause for concern. I had the old ventures 150mm on my G26 before the tensiles. In my case they were okay for a year or so but then they just couldn’t be tightened enough anymore so I put the tensiles on.

A year? I guess that’s not too bad. That translates to only about 15 cents a day for the cost of them! :smiley: I do like the lighter weight, less Q and looks of them. I’m looking forward to the new gen moments, sans the pedal inserts! I bet they will be lighter as well! :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’d take them off and put the moments back on. The newer moments are lighter than the previous gens and fit perfectly with the kh/schlumpf.

Terry - also is there any reason why you have a steel braided cross over line, but a plastic one going to the handle?

I’ll keep the ventures for now as they are quite a bit lighter than the moments. I want to try them on the trail to see how I like them in action. The Maggie I have has the “plasmatic crossover” which is exclusive from UDC. Beefier and stronger than regular plastic, since it has the steel crossover braid which, is encased in the clear tubing for extra protection. The main line is regular plastic.

I know that wasn’t too bad in my case. But from your discription it sounds like your cranks are a looser fit right from the start while mine only wore out recently. So yours might not hold up quite as long, especially with your style of riding, although your a lighter weight rider than me.

So far I can really recommend the tensiles. Maybe you could call UDC and ask for them, if you’re interested. Sometimes they have stuff that’s not on the website. That’s how I got mine.

Another thing about the ventures is that the color wears off over time. Not with the tensiles, neither with KH moments…

Yeah I got word from Josh (UDC-US) that the ventures are “not compatible with the schlumpf hub”. The splines are isis standard but still they do not fit the same as kh moments. I find it odd because the G-hub has the same spline that fits isis standard. So I would have thought that the nimbus isis cranks should be the same fit as kh isis cranks, but apparently they’re not.

The Moments go on with much more resistance and leave plenty of room for future tightening. The ventures go on all the way and leave zero room for future tightening. I don’t get it. Also, I was told that the reason that the tenisile cranks are not found on their website, is because they are discontinued. This is what the warehouse guy Steve said, but he didn’t know the specifics of why. I’ll try to find out from Josh.

Terry, I have Venture II in 150 and 165. The 165’s were too loose, ie went on too far when mounted on the Oregon (which is what they came on), but then fit fine on a regular Nimbus hub. My 150’s fit perfect on my Schlumpf, but went on too far on a regular Nimbus hub.

It could be that they “wear” over time and start fitting looser, but my thought, and the one that I passed on to Josh, is that the Ventures are not machined to the correct tolerances and/or there is a lot of variance between crank sets.

Terry: Did you order the original Ventures of the Venture II?

Meanwhile, my Venture II 150’s fit fine on my Schlumpf :slight_smile:

Good luck finding Tensiles, only advertised site I found was UDC Netherlands and when I wrote them about buying a pair, they never replied…

They could very well have inconsistencies in fit, which translates to poor quality control. After reinstalling the moments, I realized just how much I really love them! They look beautiful and the fit is perfect, even though the moments I’m using are several years old and were used extensively on my classic KH 24 MUni. And the Q doesn’t hinder shifting for me at all. They are super strong and the extra weight is no biggie to me after all. I will stick with the moments…for the moment! :smiley:

I am thinking about going to a machine shop to have some material removed from my moments for my 36 guni.

On the 24 guni, not sure that I care that much. I will have to try someone’s 26 guni sometime to see if it is worth the expense to switch over to the lighter setup.

I was thinking of doing the same thing to my moments, like having them milled/routed in the center, making an elongated “rectangular” with rounded corners. this would make them lighter than ventures, I suspect. Here are a few examples: