Guni roster -- who has one so far?

I’m curious to know who has a geared unicycle so far.

I think we might be able to help each other out with ideas, suggestions, and so on.

I know that Gilby has one (he and I both had ours at NAUCC) and that my fellow NYUC member “uw” has one, and I know that our hub numbers seem kind of random (16, 77, 80), so I’m guessing they were just chosen from Florian’s stack of hubs. And many of us know that Florian only produced 100 of them; this means that there are only 97 of us left unaccounted. I forgot to ask Florian yesterday (in an email exchange we had) about how many he’s sold in the US (and elsewhere). I believe he still has many yet to sell; someone a month ago told me that perhaps he’d sold about 30 of them, but I’m not sure I have this info correct.

Does anyone else on the forum have one of these wonderful machines yet? Speak up!

David “Hub 16” Stone

I have one but not used it yet

Other people I know:
John Cooper
I think Hans Fiby has one too

Florian mentioned that has sold about 25 already

Hey, Ken! Thanks for the update from Florian – it’s great that you got to meet him and tour the factory!

Good luck on your ride, and thanks for taking the time to check in. I wonder how far you’ll take the guni once you get home and have a chance to get to know it. I’m sure you will reach speeds and distances most of us only dream of!

Good luck on the rest of your ride, and say hi to John for me!

Re: Guni roster – who has one so far?

On Mon, 8 Aug 2005 23:36:05 -0500, “David_Stone” wrote:

>I’m curious to know who has a geared unicycle so far.

Good idea! I would also be curious to know the wheelsize people have.
Schlumpf offers 20", 24" and 28/29". Most of the talk seems to be
about the 28/29" but does anyone have a smaller wheel? And also frame
width is interesting - both a regular and and extrawide frame are in

I ordered the 29" version with wide frame and Big Apple 2.35". Still
haven’t received anything and Florian isn’t very quick to answer my
e-mails. So I’m on this roster only virtually.

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

“Unicycling is like glue: you have to stick with it, and it’s not to be sniffed at - Mikefule”

Re: Guni roster – who has one so far?

On Mon, 8 Aug 2005 23:36:05 -0500, “David_Stone” wrote:

>I’m curious to know who has a geared unicycle so far.

Count me in! Yesterday, exactly nine months and one week after
ordering on March 1, a big box arrived at my doorstep, wrapped in
Schlumpf packaging tape. How’s that for a gestation period?

Today I assembled everything: the KH seat, the pedals, the brake. Yes
I have a brake. For the Dutch hills of course, give me a break. Frame,
wheel and cranks came assembled together.

The Schlumpf uni truly is a thing of beauty! It’s dark and cold
outside now, so riding has to wait until tomorrow. I did a few
half-hearted attempts in the living room and was thrown off in the 1 :
1.5 mode. Seems I need some more adjustment.

The gear ratio is slightly higher than 1 : 1.5. One day, I’ll count
revolutions carefully and then calculate an exact fraction. For now,
it’s about 1 : 1.55.

Some weights:

Frame + 170 mm cranks + 28" rim + Big Apple 2.35": ~ 5200 grams
Pedals: 454.5 grams
152 mm cranks: 402.8 grams
Seat + seatpost + brake handle attached: 1502.2 grams

I hope it was OK to wake up this dormant thread. Now if only I could
sleep myself…

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

“erectile function trumps public image - David Stone, commenting on the importance of seat comfort”

Congrats on finally getting yours. Did you get a 12 pin one, verses the 6 pin? If so, how’s the shifting working for you?

I just received word that a replacement hub was just shipped to me with the improved design that has 12 pins so that the shifting will engage quicker. Can’t wait.

I got a little confused… wondering how Ken Looi went so long having one and not riding it yet. :wink:

I’ve owned one since 2002.

You got us all beat. What’s the serial number on yours? Or is yours too cool for that? One of yours is sitting in my dad’s garage and hopefully he wont burn the garage down again.

Mine is serial number 2. Yours is serial number 1. You’re cooler. Did you get yours from Halpern? I can put a hardened axle on it sometime if you want.

It’s not mine, it’s my dad’s. Yes, he got it from Halpern at Unicon in 2004. I’ll let him know that he can get it upgraded. And yeah, it probably is much cooler as it’s travelled all over the US and to Japan. Not many other gunis can claim being in that many places, though I am working on getting my schlumpf to many places. So far, Denmark, Ohio, and Minnesota. Very soon, California, Thailand and Laos.

Re: Guni roster – who has one so far?

On Fri, 9 Dec 2005 17:47:01 -0600, Gilby wrote:

>Did you get a 12 pin one, verses the
>6 pin? If so, how’s the shifting working for you?

I’m not sure how I can tell. Florian Schlumpf emailed me some time ago
and said that while the long wait was a bummer, the good thing about
it was that I would get the improved hub which would make shifting
easier. While playing with it yesterday, I noticed that the angle the
crank went through before re-engaging after a shift, was up to about
30 degrees, maybe 40. Is that telling?

How the shifting actually works for me during riding remains to be
seen. I’m going to ride today. I’m not a very good rider so before
attempting shifting on the fly I want to get somewhat used to riding
in geared mode. I have 170 mm cranks on it for now to make it easier.

Harper, I thought the serial number on your original geared uni was

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

“erectile function trumps public image - David Stone, commenting on the importance of seat comfort”

Nice to hear your waiting is over, Klaas. Training on ice and snow will make you highly proficient.

I own two: Blueshift, which formerly belonged to Harper, and a Schlumpf 29", which was briefly owned by jeff_sloan.

I predict in the near future, UniTyler’s dad will be buying me another Schlumpf 29".

On my LUT Equipment profile- I put for:
-The worst thing about my Unicycle:
I’m too busy to ride her.

BTW, Gilby, can you email me the equipment questinaire and a few pics of your set-up?



I typed .5, as in point five (and I can prove it). I don’t know why the forum software dropped that point.

I love that you’re quoting my comment about seat comfort.

As to the pins, you have the 12-pin hub. 30 degrees is right, unless I’m mistaken. I noticed that the cranks on mine traveled up to 60 degrees (old hub). I just sent mine back for the updated version.

I just received hub number 88, which is to replace hub 77.

  • Gilby

Ooh – I’m so jealous!

I sent back my hub along with David Bagley’s. I used Global Express mail to expedite things. I am REALLY hoping to get our hubs back soon, and it’s making it worse that I’m reading about everyone else and their spiffy new 12-pins. Dang. If only I’d thought to despoke mine a few weeks ago, this wouldn’t be happening to me!!!

So, Gilby, how’s the shifting now? Is it lots easier?

Haven’t swapped it out yet. Since I need the uni to train for the Laos unitour, I had him just ship the new hub so I can do the wheelbuild here.

My good friend Pete who I introduced to the wonderful world of one wheeling has a Schlumpf 28" though he doesn’t post on here. However I can keep him updated on what goes on in this thread.

Pete’s Schlumpf is currently on it’s way back to him from Switzerland where it’s had the updated hub and the wider frame fitted to it. I think he’s also putting a new, wider rim on it to take the big apple tyre.

So another name to add to the roster: Pete Stewart (c/o MrBoogiejuice)