GUNI innertube help needed asap

Hi, guni enthusiasts. I got good news and bad news this morning when I went to the car with a bottle of lube from Florian. The good news was that the lube worked – my guni can shift with ease now!

The bad news: My innertube exploded during the night or early morning (it was in the hot car since yestereen).

I don’t have a spare tube for the 29" guni, but the unicycle came with a high performance innertube with a large valve (is that the Schroeder? I always confuse the names).

I cannabalized the tube from my dysfunctional 29" Semcycle, but that one has a skinny valve (is that the Presta?).

When I tried it, the skinny valve fit into the hole from the Schlumpf’s rim, but it has a lot of space around it. I have one of those nuts used to tighten the valve so that it doesn’t shift around, but it seems like a bad idea to use this tire. What do you think?

The large valve is shraeder, small is presta. Using a presta valve in a shraeder hole as you have done will be OK to get you out of a pickle, but may not be a good long-term fix. In my experience, a presta valve will eventually blow out at the edges of the stem base when used in a shraeder-drilled hole.

Schroeder was the pianist who had to put up with Lucy in Peanuts… Schraeder is the car-type valve (I had to look it up to confirm!)
Glad to hear it’s OK!

Well, at least I had the names (mostly) right, even if I evoked the name of a Peanuts character.

I spoke with 1800 UNICYCLe. I think I spoke with Amy. She said that the Presta will work in the Schraeder hole, especially if I buy an adapter. I’d forgotten about that. In fact, I have one somewhere, but I’ll get another at the local bike shop. Meanwhile I’ll order a few 700cc (or 29") tubes in both varieties since I need both.

Thanks for your help, gang!