GUni Hour Record Attempt on Tuesday 18th August

Bad news for Dustin Schaap if you beat the record than it will be even harder for him to set a new record (pushing me even more to make that 7 speed dream unicycle;):D)

hope you make it ken this will be a though one to beat

I’m more of a climber than a time trialist…I only weight 57kg at the moment :stuck_out_tongue:

For a Guni record, I think any one of Chuck, Sam, Dustin or Jan would push it a lot further than me.

Yeah maybe, but why don’t you get them started. Rock it on Tuesday, Ken. The 30 is there and then some…


Hi Ken,
Good luck with your ride

Thanks again all…I’ll give it everything tomorrow.

Tom…I think the goal is really just to make the next guy suffer a little :stuck_out_tongue:

I know Sam is having a go after me, but no one else has registered with Guinness to my knowledge.

Here are a few shots from around Victoria Park

And a few more:



That track looks so much nicer than the place where you did your 24-hour record. Best of luck tomorrow, we know you can do it!

wow, nice track!

No bike seat + extendo handle, or v-frame contraption?

good luck!


Woot NZ!!! Good luck

Wishing you success Ken. We know that most of the effort to break an official world record is in the paperwork and organisation, but you’ve got (most of) that behind you now. Sleep well tonight and then smashing Jan’s time is the easy part :slight_smile: Looking forward to the report.

Edit: P.S. Jan Logemann rode an average of 29.061 km/h in last May’s marathon in Düsseldorf, winding through the city’s streets. So puhsing the record beyond 30 is a good idea :slight_smile:

Good Luck for tomorrow.I wish you were doing this on the weekend, id drive to Dubbo for sure to see you do this.Hope all goes really well and the weather is in your favour.

Are you still using your qu-ax 145s? I don’t trust any ISIS cranks on the hub other than the Moments, but I guess in a controlled environment where you won’t be shifting the lightweight qu-ax cranks will be fine.

Also, how do you like the KH T-bar? (compared to T7 and GB4)

Good luck!

Yes, how do you find it for racing? You look like you’re sitting quite straight up with it (not like you!).

Do you remove the silver button to prevent any risk of accidental shifting?


Hey Ken,

good luck for tomorrow (I guess it is today there thinking about it).


I thought the same thing, seeing that pic.

Doesn’t the shifting shaft protrude outside the crank on the “silver” side when the button has been removed? That would be too vulnerable in case of a fall, IMHO.

I wonder if racing in such a controlled environment for a relatively short period of time it might not make sense to try clipless pedals? Obviously not this late in the game, but for future hour attempts? Normally I’d think one would be fairly crazy to go clipless in a normal road/trail environment but for something like this? Anyhow, Good Luck Ken!

no it doesen’t, i removed both for a while for using in technical muni, the problem for muni is, that the dirt gets inside… otherwise it’s no problem, talked also with florian about this.

Thanks everyone,

Just to answer a few Q’s

-I’m not using the V-frame set up because I haven’t got it built yet. I do like the 7-frame position, but it’s far too flexy to be any good for the record. Also, the main advantage is longer distances like the 24hr record. For a short ride at high speed, I don’t think there’s all that much difference. I rode the 7-shift around the course a few months back, and it was similar in speed to my current set-up, except when windy because I find it harder to accelerate (too flexy!).

-I look upright in the photos because I was trying to ride very very slowly for the photographer! And it was windy

-James, I am using the Quax 145’s. It’s the lightest thing out there. I’d love to experiment with shorter cranks…but it’s only in the last week or two when I’ve felt close to topping out my spin on the 145’s. I’ll try not to accidently shift. The MG-1s are good for that…usually too grippy a pedal for my liking, but it does prevent your foot moving around too much. I was really worried about accidental shifting a few months ago…but never got around to getting new cranks.

-My current set up is posted on my website:

-John, the track is much smoother than my 24hr record track, but still has a few bumps. The main disadvantage is the smaller size- 406m vs 465m
Everytime I hit the turn I have to pedal harder…you have to constantly accelerate to keep the same speed. In an ideal world, you’d do the record on a flat, 30km straight…in fact, you’d probably hit close to 33km.

-Regarding the KH T-bar- it’s ok…much better than the T7, because it’s not so upright. I’d still like it further out. I come close to whacking my knees against it in certain positions, but it let’s me get my weight out further than the GB4, which I find really cramped at high speed/low position.

-I had to cut down the KH gel seat foam in half…I don’t know why they make it so thick! It’s also too wide at the front, I can’t angle my legs in. On the positive side, I’m not rubbing my knees raw on the tyre everytime I turn.

-Clipless pedals…I have not practiced with them and not about to do so now. The last time I used them I flattened myself against the ground, but it was in an off-road situation.

Good luck for the record.