GUni Hour Record Attempt on Tuesday 18th August

Hi Everyone,

Just letting you know I’ll be having a go at the GUni Unicycle Hour record on Tuesday. Currently the record is 27.564km by Jan Longemann (Germany).

Place: Victoria Park, Dubbo, NSW, Australia
Date: Tuesday 18th August
Time: 4.30-6pm
Postponement: Tuesday 25th Aug
Course Length: 406.55m (as measured by a certified surveyor)
Course type: Concrete oval cycle track
Rules: Done under Guinness World Record Guidelines and using the UCI Track Cycling Rules to calculate final distance
Unicycle: Schlumpf 36", KH Frame, Nightrider tyre with 29er inner tube, Nimbus Stealth Rim, MG1 pedals, Cut down KH Gel seat, KH T-bar.

Come along and watch if you’re out this way!

I did a practice ride today and did 30.0034km. So if I can repeat that officially I’ll be happy :stuck_out_tongue:


Very nice…
I wish i could come to be the referee ;), but it is a little bit far away :slight_smile:
Good luck and good conditions for you on Tuesday.

i think you will bet me!

Good luck, I bet you’ll bet the record :slight_smile:

Good luck Ken! That will be an intense hour of riding. I hope your 29er tube can handle it!

hey good luck, i hope you’ll get it… and i hope also jan will get again :smiley:

next year with the “turtle’s V” second edition i hope i’ll also break some records… :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks everyone,

I think the main things that would affect the record now is the weather and equipment.

I had another blow out of a 29’er tube yesterday (I’ve had about 10 punctures this year). My biggest regret is not kitting it up with my tubeless kit before leaving NZ. It’s rather unreliable and more hassle than it’s worth. When I ran tubeless, I never had any problems until the tyre had to be replaced.

The other issue is the weather. I’m doing it at 4.30pm because the sun is starting to go down, which hopefully means wind will be down as well. When I did it on a windy day, I only managed 27.6km.

Temperature is also a big factor…on a cold day I lose about 1-2 secs/lap. That adds up to well over 1km over 70 laps. I didn’t believe the cycle club people when they said this to me, but I’ve proven it in practice. Something to do with air resistance I think.

So the aim is to get it over 30km officially. I think I’d be disappointed with less than 29km…fingers crossed for a warm still day.

Good luck Ken! Hope the weather is good to you and you can repeat your impressive practice run.


Good luck Ken.

Here’s hoping for that 30!

Good luck Ken!

If Dubbo was a bit closer I’d drive up to watch!

Good luck! you certainly deserve to get it, I’ll have my fingers crossed for good weather for you :slight_smile:

Good luck. Hope all conditions are perfect for you.

Good luck, Ken! Here’s to 30…


Good luck Ken. I’m sure you can do it.

But why are you setting your sights as low as 30? I’m sure you’ve got a 31 or 32 in you!


Good luck GizmoDuck (a.k.a. Ken)! I’m sure given the right conditions you’ll smash even your practice round performances! You’ve got to at least match your age in KM! :wink:

Haha, so maybe when I’m 90yrs old I’ll be able to ride my 2kg carbon stealth GUni with 20 automatic gears to 90km in an hour :stuck_out_tongue:


You rock. Crush that record. Why couldn’t you wait until my birthday on the 28th, though? I only wish I were on vacation in Australia. I’ve always wanted to go and here I’m missing an historic event.

Come to Unicon in New Zealand instead :stuck_out_tongue:

It took a bit of effort to get it over 30km, almost wished I’d done it officially today.

If everything falls into place I should be able to repeat it.

Good luck Ken. Here’s to the 30km… :smiley:


At least your slowest time is still a record-beating time :slight_smile:
And I’m sure the weather won’t be as bad as when Jan set the record!

look forward to reading about the new record, good on ya.