Guni Giraffe...

im thinking of making a Guni giraffe, ive got a 20 inch wheel with internal gearing and lots of metal and pretty much everything to make it with, ive got 3 or so days over the next 2 weeks to build it. the hub has 3 gears which i can change by pushing a lever back in forth which is kinda cool for some reason. i probably will make the lowest giraffe i can, probably no more than 5ft, i wanna be able to do hops and tricks and everything pretty easy plus i wanna kep the weight to a minimum.

i was gonna just make a Guni but because of the hub you cant attach cranks to it. has anyone else made one, got any pics of guni’s.

are they hard to ride??? especially when you change gears…

cheers, keep it wheel.

You’ll need to modify the three-speed hub to make it a two-speed fixed (there is a thread somewhere about this). Otherwise you’ll just have to be very good at riding a freewheeling giraffe :astonished:
Wear a full suit of armour and a motorcycle helmet :stuck_out_tongue:


yea i figured thats gonna be the main problem, but as long as im pedaling it should be alright i think…yea ive got a couple of posty helmets(its pretty much just a white dome) and i dunno about aromour protection, i could always put a dolly wheel at the back if the need be

it will be fine to have a freewheel one going forward, but hops and drops, no

how would hops and rops be a problem, they aren’t gonna be 8ft so it should be alright, plus i think im just gonna cruize around on it, it should fly along becasue its geared 3:1

a hop or drop on a giraffe that can freewheel??

if youi need any help just drop me a PM (but only on the weekend)

Hvae you ever tried to ride a freewheel uni? its hard! and having that on a giraffe with a freewheel would just make it harder.

What you could do, to make a fast giraffe, use a really small ammount of teeth on the wheel, and a larger amount on the cranks, then in one pedal, you revolving more then one turn, more like, 5 ish, depends on the sizes.

well usually if im in one gear i can easily do a roling hop, im startign to think that i shouldnt make a Guni anymore and make some sort of recumbant/Guni/ giraffe with a dolly wheel at the back but something thats fairly light and can go really fast but with most of the weight still on the front wheel so you can spin really fast on the spot…ill have to think about it

Here is a video of me using Skippii’s guni that he made, it goes pretty fast:

and a longer video of it:

You could ask Skippii about his and what he did, it was really fun riding it!

wow that is pretty cool, i don’t see how it works though. oh well im thinking of making some kinda of contraption that goes fast and has internal gearing probably something with chopper handle bars as well, something that can do hops and drops and something that is fairly low, im brain storming sketches right now and am coming up wih some ideas, ill put up my final design when i think of it.

cheers, keep it wheel.