Guni cost

Not looking for a formal quote, just curious about the current cost of going from Muni to Guni…

Sounds interesting since I do both XC and Technical single track now.
But, I probably can’t afford to have my wife divorce me… lol

Also, are there prebuilt Guni wheels for something like a Nimbus or do people actually sell complete Guni setups (frame, etc.)? Thanks.

Two years ago I was charged 1531 CHF for the hub and shipping.
That would be $1681 USD today. That was 1442 USD two years ago.

That 1531CHF price may have changed.

I’m pretty sure I had to pay extra when it was delivered (import tax)… .forget how much… but I swear it was like $40-80… enough to be fairly irritating to me.

Then the cost of the uni you put it in. I don’t know the technical issues, but I don’t recall seeing one in a Nimbus before. Just KH and Triton.
A new stock KH might be about $600-700 USD.

So a new stock KH guni would be something like $2300-2400, again depending on today’s actual price for the hub? Add more for brakes if you want.

Here’s how I rationalize my purchase…

  • It’s fun
  • Other sports/interests could have you spending even more
  • There is a resale value.
  • The sooner you buy the sooner you’ll be getting value out of your investment. In a year or two you might wish you bought it a year or two earlier.
  • It’s a piece of engineering to be marveled. It’s a freakin’ geared unicycle hub!!
  • The final cost looks huge to me even today, but I’m more content with my decision that ever.

Take a look at some of the other ( non US) sites on UDC

I bought from the German site, mostly because the UK site didn’t have stock at the time
You can put together everything on a wishlist and work out price

They have a fee for the wheel build
And when I bough mine with a KH 26 they bought back the original hub

If you buy direct from schlumpf you can get your name engraved but you may be waiting a loooooooong time

Just get yourself an even more expensive hobby (I race motorcycles). Trust me–the wife won’t even notice the unicycles!

I always tell my wife, consider yourself lucky, my mid-life crisis could have been a Harley-Davidson. I’ve got near $3k in my geared 36er and all the specialty tools it requires to maintain. My concern is not with the initial cost but the long wait for repairs. It’s almost like you’ve got to have two. :astonished:

So it sounds like with geared hubs it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when it breaks down?

No, there are people who’ve been using them for years with no problems. I got mine shortly after RTL (so, 2008) and it’s been used for fairly serious 29er MUni since then and it’s working fine.

The Schlumpf is considerably more complex than a standard unicycle hub, so things are more likely to go wrong with it, but it seems like the current versions are pretty good.

Thanks. It’s nice to hear that from time to time because it’s only natural for people to post when they have issues and not when things are operating as expected.