Guni car

today i saw a car the had ‘Gun i’(i think) as the regestration plate in wellington(Sommerset,UK) and i was wondering if any one knew who this is or is it nothing to do with uni? cheers

Nice idea, but what unicyclist would spend about £10,000 on a personal registration for the car when the same money would buy the best unicycles, and trips to the best places to ride?

Early UK registrations were in the format A1, A2, etc.

Then I think they went to ABC1, ABC2 etc.

This one was therefore GUN1.

Probably owned by a country sports type.

Later, they went from ABC123 to 123ABC,

then to ABC123A format,

then to A123ABC format,

and thence to the current AB51CDE format.

The number plate was probably much much older than the car or the driver.

Holy Freakin’ Crap, how can it cost that much money in the UK for a customized license plate!! I just googled it because I couldn’t believe that that was possible, and I figured it was an exaggeration, but nope. On a side note, you unicyclists from the UK might want to take a look at this site. If you are one of the lucky people to have one of those license plates you could score an easy 8000 pounds. Imagine the unicycles you could get with that…

In the US its about 50 bucks for a custom license plate, and I always wondered if it was worth that. My mind is seriously boggled.