Guinness World Record Stopwatch from Subway

Hi all,

Our club had a booth set up at the local Wal-Mart yesterday to advertise our upcoming Regionals competition and to sell off the last of our fundraising candybars. The candy bar wrappers included a Subway coupon so we thought we’d help advertise by purchasing Subway meals. Brad ordered a kid’s meal and received a unique toy stopwatch. It was a Guinness World Record stopwatch with several questions on world records imprinted into the wristband. One of the questions just happened to be, “Who has the fastest 100m time on a unicycle of 12.11 seconds?” Interesting coincidence.

From our research in this forum, the answer is Peter Rosenthal.


Oooo. Another interesting coincidence: I just posted these questions on the “Unicycle as Transport” thread only 10 minutes ago. Might work better here.

"I drive 15 miles to work, then an average of 30 miles around town (customer happymaking), then that 15 miles home.

Is there something larger than a Coker that could help?

The hidden questions: What’s the biggest wheel ever made? What’s the Uni land speed record? What’s the biggest available to us? Haven’t I seen a 48" on With a little enginuity and chain, couldn’t we see a 60" or 80" or larger?"

and with the little bit of skin left on your body…

there’s a pic floating around of sem abrahams on a 72" if i recall
i’m sure somebody will post it sooner rather than later

well, whadaya know…

looky here

:astonished: :astonished:


Then of course, there’s always that adjustable (but very hazardous) wheel, that easily transforms from approximately 20 to 75 inches, ridden by some idiot (as accurately labeled by Mr. Harper).

I have had the pleasure :angry: of trying Blueshift whilst it was visiting the deep south.

Weird machine.

I would need a month of Sundays to tame her. And yet I can mount and ride a Coker somewhat confidently.

Weird machine. :sunglasses:

Harper, I’ve forgotten, what is the largest virtual wheel size on Blueshift?

Ask Jeff Baker whether it is worth while to spend the time to learn to ride something weird, difficult, and FAST. Of course it’s not. We just do it to torment ourselves.

Blue Shift has a 29" wheel and a virtual 43.5" wheel.

Can someone explain/give me some links to posts about what blueshift is?
Whats all this virtual wheel stuff?
When i search for blue shift a bazillion posts come up because its in harpers sig…
(and sorry for being so ignorant)

search instead for uni.5 and all will be revealed.

Look here, first. Then, look here for more details.

A virtual wheel refers to the size a wheel appears to be through a geartrain of some sort. In this case, a 29" diameter wheel is being pedaled through a geartrain with ratio 1.5:1 and the virtual wheel is 43.5" in diameter.

Never apologize for not knowing something.

I think it would be very worth while to learn to ride a Coker.5, if I ever get my hands on that elusive hub. That would be a virtual wheel of roughly 54", which is very close to the ratio I usually run on the unibike, and it would be much lighter. Of course, it might require a running jump mount to get started, but I could always request some training tips from Bruce and sons.

Go ahead, Greg. Give me a reason to buy a Coker.