Guinness World Record attempt

On May 19th, I’m making a Guinness World Record attempt for the ‘fastest 100 miles on a unicycle.’

This is to raise funds for the first children’s circus of Afghanistan, with whom I’ll be working this summer.

Please check out the website and help me spread the word!

Many thanks,

good luck man. I believe in you! :wink: U got this


Best of luck! I am a unicycle newbie, but it is so cool you are using your unicycling skills for a good cause! I know you will break the record time! I can’t wait until October!

!!! May 19Th!!!

Cool best of luck man may 19th happens to be my birthday!

Wow…that seems like quite a feat! Best of luck!

You can do it:D what is the record your trying to break?

Hey, this is surely not possible, please can this sort of speed be obtained? I can only manage four to six revolutions at best which is probably less than 3-4 miles an hour … before crashing to the ground. What the heck am I doing wrong? Hey…All the best for the record… I’m in ore! :slight_smile:

Good Luck Man Try To Ride Backwords For The Last 10 Meters

A hundret miles?? O my god, I’d need a week, no, a month for this incredible distance! :astonished: Good luck, man!:wink:

Good Luck

Good luck with the trip, I hope it goes well and best of all that you enjoy it, :slight_smile:

Good luck man, hope you can make it!
Pinwheel, I think he’s going to ride 100 miles, not ride 100 miles an hour…lol

ppl like you don’t deserve and account on any formus website.

Good luck with the 100miles man!

so how did it go?


man ur nuts, 100 miles? :astonished: well best of luck do a unispin over the finish line haha

Yeah, did you do it???

No, he hasn’t yet. He went for the hour record though but something broke on his unicycle and he couldn’t complete the ride.

good luck and just keep going:)

One more go – Guinness Record, late August

Hey Fellow Unis,

Thanks for all your support in this project!!

I had a go at the “most miles on a unicycle in one hour” in April, 2006, to honor a friend with Lou Gherig’s disease on his birthday. Headed out to Fargo, ND, for the flatlands, to make the attempt. Turns out my friend’s birthday is also a pretty windy day, 15 mph. I gave it a go anyhow, with sidewagon and chilly weather, but a bolt snapped 40 minutes into the ride and we didn’t have a replacement on hand (argh! a bike mechanic’s nightmare).

Anyhow, in answer to questions – I’m having another go in late August (sometime between Aug 27 and 31, in Fargo again, to allow some leeway for the right wind speeds).

The big point of all this is to raise more money to help a kids circus in Afghanistan. So far, we’re up to $13,000 in contributions; I’m going to keep gunning until we get to $20k. For more, see:

I got back from 6 weeks in Kabul in mid-July… the kids are doing rail riding over there, and a couple are working on wheel walking. The work is spreading the unicycle contageon, and in places where children need ways to build self-confidence and have a few laughs in the process.

Keep rollin. And thanks for reading.


aww that sucks about the bolt. how perfect for it to snap right during that ride and not during a practice ride. anyway, good luck with your 100 mile record, tell me how it goes! you’re probably using a 36" coker, right?