Guinness Record for worlds tallest uni

This is just great!
Mushegh didn’t say how high he was but as you can see in the video it was just about in parachute territory!
I liked the little wheel too.

It says in the description that its 6m tall (19ft 8.2in) and the wheel size is 83mm (3.27in)
He rode it a total of 8.5m :slight_smile:

hum? :thinking: This cannot be the world record!? Impossible! :thinking: This is “only” 6m!?!

Whats with Steve McPeaks 101ft 9in (31m) giraffe record he did 1980 in front of the Hilton in Las Vegas? Or even bigger: Sem Abrahams 114.8ft (35m) giraffe record from 2004?

It’s not the tallest, just the tallest in the Guinness Book. Makes you wonder how many other “world records” are far from the mark.

Also check out the other videos from this same guy, like this one:
Pretty impressive!

When you actually look into it many of Guinness’s so called “world records” are completely wrong and made up. I believe that the actual world record was somewhere in the neighborhood of 110 feet tall. John Foss would know exact details I’m sure. :smiley:

Steve McPeak’s 101-footer was in the Guinness Book for many years, and I’m pretty sure Sem Abrahams’ actually-balanced 114-footer was also in there. Guinness are weird. But they are in the book-selling business, and not necessarily in the dictionary/accuracy business.

That unicycle might be the tallest one with a “tiny” wheel; seems pretty scary to ride such a tall uni while having to pedal so fast to make large corrections in wheel position! That part is very impressive!

Notice he built his frame kind of sideways. It looks nice, but the flexing force on the frame is front-to-back, not to the sides. You can see it flex as he rides it.

Congratulations on your Guinness record, even though it seems to be mislabeled!

In the description on YouTube it says

So his previous world record was 3 meters? This is absurd.

Yeah, even the tallest giraffes in our club were 2,50m …

Maybe they were drinking too much Guinness :wink:

The (user-made) YouTube description may say so, but question is what Guinness say themself, or, of he can back it up with a cert.

To me this is still the current record, already 11 years.

Guinness obviously is drunk on their own medicine.

Here’s a link to Sem Abrams record:

I’m not sure how the addition of the word “guide” changes the listing, but apparently it’s enough to make it a different record.