Guinness Hour Record a $2000 question on Jeoprady!

It was broadcast here (California) on Friday, July 12. In the Double Jeoprady round, in a category of Guinness records, the last question (worth $2000 US) was about the New Zealand man who covered 18.64 miles in one hour.

That got me looking up Guinness records, and I see the Guinness web site now lists a lot of records online. These are the unicycle records, at least when I search them here:
I wonder why some of the older ones, like 100 meter sprint, are not included?

Anyway, congratulations again, Ken, now you’re a question on Jeopardy!

BTW, I’d like everyone to note that this is a rare instance of my creating a thread. Surprised nobody else did it already!

What was the answer? :slight_smile:

I’d uhhh say a g36 triton with disk breaks and a nnc

Yeah I’ve seen pictures.

In the records:
What is “Skipping”? Is that like little hops, or like skipping rope? :thinking:

I was surprised to find a record listed on there that I might be able to break. Relax, Ken, it’s not yours. :slight_smile:

I think the longest handrail grinds on “see you in two” were longer than the 10m record which is on that guinness page. Ofc those aren’t official due to no measurements etc but seemed really crazy long!

E: long jump record is outdated as well

Also the drop record is not even close to correct. I think I could probably break the one with rubiks cubes if I spent the time.

I could beat the long jump

The answer is what you see in my picture. You have to figure out the question. :stuck_out_tongue:

Skipping rope.

Yes, there are a couple of pretty “easy” looking records on there, including longest distance ridden while juggling 3 objects. I’m a big fan of Ashrita Furman, who has held a ton of other Guinness records. Sometimes the easiest part of setting/breaking one of those records is not the feat itself, but the more tedious feat of documenting everything, doing it under the right conditions, and otherwise getting it recognized by Guinness. Where’s the 100 mile record, set by Takayuki Koike in 1987? Was it not up to today’s stricter standards?

But you guys should go for those records! More unicycle records in there means more publicity for our sport.

I think the best way to break a guinnessrecord is in a tv show or something similar. If you do it at home with your video camera its not that hard to break most off the records. If you do it with limited tries in front of an audience its much better but also harder. It also doesnt give unicycling publicity if you break records in your backyard.

btw. I am in istanbul right now to try to break the bottle record :). Last saturday i also did a new record similar to “unicycle hurdle race” because I think we need more visual attractive records with lots of tension.

Sure it does, but not as much. If you can get it on a TV show, or even on the news, it’s way better.

You have a great record there. Not sure why it seems to generate so much press, but it definitely does. Best of all, you always end up with more beer! :smiley:

That sounds cool. Please provide a link if you have one. Hurdles is another traditional Track & Field event that might be interesting to do in regular competitions as well.

i dont have a video off the official record but i did it before in a tv show without guinness:

the new record is a little faster.

How Guinness think Australia is in NZ I don’t know. Record was in Aussy. Ken just happens to be an incredible New Zealander. At least record was attributed to NZ.

He’s so incredible here is picture of him catching a rainbow in the South Island

Not to go all Jeopardy on you, but the answer said “New Zealand man”. I guess he’s a NZ man no matter where he rides. :slight_smile:

Lutz, that hurdle thing looked pretty hard! I think to turn it to a competition event it would probably flow better with lower hurdles.

I only followed link you gave where guinness says where and New Zealand as answer.

I also thought that seemed the most straightforward one when I last browsed the list. Only straightforward if you can do a rubiks cube of course - and it is many, many years since I’ve done one, but I remember being able to solve one without much difficulty and I’m sure it wouldn’t take much practice to relearn.

It takes me a couple minutes per cube, so I’d probably get bored and quit before I finished, but I think it would be relatively easy otherwise.