Guess my new favorite trick ;)

me having fun instead of studying
lots of scuff coasting
maybe too much?
nah, you can never have too much scuff coasting =]

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me having fun instead of studying

Tisk Tisk. No unicycling for you this summer! You get to do SUMMER SCHOOL:D

No those look REALLY cool. So many variation you did. Just amazing. Keep working on them.

Have you tried doing a longer coast? Like in the street or something.

Nice dude, you’re a natural at that

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lol i coasted from one end of the study lounge to the other and ran out of space. no flat places near me to ride. im in the city but EVERYTHING is bumpy and slightly sloped. no basket ball courts or anything close =[

if i scuff walk i can go for awhile. never counted tho

btw i got over 100% percent on the differential equations exam today =P
definitely a good idea to unicycle instead of studying

and thnx chris, i really like this trick
im gonna keep going until i can do it as long as i want easy then pic up some variations

can you load it up on vimeo, too? Germany blocks this because of the music…

check on youtube again. should work now.

nope, still doesn´t… :frowning:

Over 100% ? Now thats impressive!! :smiley:

=[ sorry

lol extra credit! only comes around once or twice a year =P