Guandong Acrobats of China

The GUANDONG ACROBATS OF CHINA recently visited Sydney, Australia, with a most
impressive display of body-bending skills.

For UNICYCLING enthusiasts, the first act was filled with amazing skills. The
activities shown were:

  • Mounting and idling a giraffe on a circular table, only about 4 feet
    in diameter.

  • Idling one-footed, then placing a plastic soup bowl, face down, on his right
    foot and throwing it up to land (facing upwards) in another bowl already
    placed on his head.

  • This was repeated a few times (accumulated the bowls on his head) before he
    placed a face-up bowl on top of the face-down bowl on his foot, then managed
    to flick them both up to land inside the bowls on his head.

  • Then, yes, a face-down on a face-up on a face-down bowl on his foot, which
    all landed perfectly on his head.

  • I think he even did four this way.

  • He then transfered onto a large ball of similar diameter by riding off the
    table and straight onto the ball. The ball was on a thick mat, so it didn’t
    roll but could wobble a little.

  • He then idled at the top of the ball and the the bowl trick again, while
    moving back and forth over the top of the ball. After the single bowl, he
    flicked up a tin can and then a carefully weighted set of flowers. This last
    bit took two attempts.

It was a most imressive display of insane skills. This, of course, was just part
of the show which included:

  • A small kid who could squeeze into tiny tubes and who had shoulders which
    would put Arnie to shame.

  •  A troupe of acrobats who climbed up on small benches, all supported
         on the legs of a woman below (have to see it to believe it)
  • Two women spinning 3-5 plates in each hand, but one woman was balanced
    upside-down on the head of the other. Oh, and she also span a cloth on
    each foot!

  • A guy who supported a tall pole and hoop on his head, with three children
    spinning themselves crazy from the top of the hoop (this was a good 7
    meters high).

  • Plus the assorted tumbling, spring-board and shoulder-climbing routines.

Apparently, their performances weren’t so great on the opening night, with the
large ball rolling into the orchestra pit and many missed skills. Nonetheless,
they always persisted until they succeeded.

Like, wow.

John Sydney, Australia

John Rotenstein