GRX lever and Saint caliper

Hi there,

Looking for some thoughts on the following: are GRX lever (Shimano GRX BL-RX600) and Saint caliper (Shimano BR-M820) compatible? If they are compatible, I guess I can also use a GRX sub brake lever (Shimano BL-RX812), right?

In the rear future, I should get a new frame for my G36. To buildmy dream uni, I’d like to have a brake lever on my aerobars and a second one on my handlebars. Using a GRX lever for the aerobars and a GRX sub lever for the handlebars seems to be the best set up I could imagine!

Yes it must go. Shimano is running with Mineral oil in there Brake System. The Btake Levef from Shimano is also compatible with a Magura brake caliper, so you don’t get a problem with your Shimano Saint caliper. It’s possible to do this and the cable you can tune this also wirh a Steel braided cable it’s better because the Fricrion is minimized by the cable. Wirh plastic lines you have more less of power transmission from the brake. For the spliting for cable i don’t found a solutuon but it must go, i don’t know how but it’s technically possible.

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