GRRRRR!! NEVER not wear shin guards with pinned pedals


I had just the same scapes from pinned pedals when I first had my muni with the imfamous Onza flesh-shredder pins (while waiting for the Sixsixones to arrive no less). For several months they made pretty good scars, but sadly faded away after a year or two. That’s either good or bad, depending on whether you want the trophies!


actually i got a scratch when i was starting off and and as i fell my leg scrached the back of my leg (duh)…i can still see the scars now but they’re only a titchy ones :smiley: …it was like 6 months ago…im hopeing to get bigger ones soon so i can go like ‘YEAAAA…AVE A LOOK AT THIS!!’ hehe :roll_eyes: :smiley:

Thats only the back of your leg, Wait till the pedals spin round and whack you in the shin, thats the real meaning of pain! I have a chipped shin because of the pedals!

I don’t personally use shin guards, perhaps I should, but I would rather spend out the money on something usefull for my uni.
I hope it heals quickly man!

Rock on!

holy shit!

Damn man, that’s wicked. Must have been horribly painful. Luckily I practice pedal grabs with my pins on so they’re worn down a lot and don’t go too deep…

They’ve hit my shins a few times as well. Although they hit the shins they don’t really leave massive cuts like that one, but it hurts a lot more. I guess because it like smacks the bone right on. I got quite a few lil scars on my shin. Usually what happens is like I’ll be riding forwards, then lean back to start riding backwards and the pedal position that I start with is too high, causing me to fall back and my leg just drags across the pedal.

Yeah, I’ve done that a few times, but most of them heal weal, esp if you treat them with an antiseptic cream and keep them bandaged (which I rarely do - but when I do, they heal well).

The problem I have is that when the pedal smashes into your shin enough times in the same places, you end up with a shinbone that is like corrugated cardboard…very hilly.

yea my legs look like hell… wear can i get 661 wrap around shin pads? heh

UDC has them, or you can order them straight from 661.

A cheap alternative to full leg armour is a couple pairs of soccer shinguards – wear one pair facing forward and another facing backward. They just come halfway up your lower leg, but that’s enough to ward off most pedal scrapes. Personally I use roach leg armour for the front and soccer shinpads for the calf (the Roach stuff is just a mesh in back). The soccer shinpads have been torn up and duct-taped back together several times, but my calves haven’t suffered. At $10 (Canadian) a pair you can’t go wrong.

Another cautionary tale – don’t assume leg armour makes you invincible!! I was riding on the weekend, took a header onto some rocks, and scraped mucho skin off my shin even with the Roach pads on. (To make it worse I kept riding in my sweaty, never-washed pads for another 45 minutes, now I’m on antibiotics to cut the infection, d’oh!!)