GRRRRR!! NEVER not wear shin guards with pinned pedals

About a month an a half ago my pinned pedals scraped the back of my leg leaving about 7 massive cuts. After that I told myself I’d never ride without shinguards ever again.

But, my new nimbus gel seat arrived, and I was anxious to see how comfortable it was. So I put it on, went outside, and saw how much easier sif was because I was used to the gargantuant kh seat. So I do a sif hop into the ditch, and didn’t quite make it to the middle of the ditch. Instead I landed on the sloped part, causing the uni to turn, and me to fall backward, once again scraping the back of my leg. As soon as this happened I immediately thought to myself “NOOOO NOT ANOTHER SCAR!!”.

So ALWAYS wear shinguards with pinned pedals!!!Even if you’re riding for 2 minutes. It took me 2 times to learn that unfortunately. unless you want this:
(you can see the scars from the first time it happened on the left side of my leg).


Yep, been there done that. You’re right, you bought them for a reason.

Oh, and I should clarify, lol. I mean like 661 guards that wrap all the way around your leg.

That is why I wear my 661s everytime I ride my uni, even if it is to the store, cause there a 5 foot drop from a trials line I do just to get there, and that leads me into a drive-through at starbucks, and then I jump over a cement barrier and end up in the parking lot of rosaurs.

Now go put some antibiotic cream on it. =p

Yeah, now I’m officially wearing the 661 armor no matter what, even if I ride for 30 seconds to test something.

When it finally heals again, the back of my leg is going to look like I got slashed by a pitbull a few times or something.

Thats a true sign of a unicyclist. =p

oh, ive done that quite a few times, like when i didnt feel like putting on shinguards, or shoes, to ride around, and foot fell out of the sandal, and off the pedal…

That’s also happened to me but not that bad :roll_eyes:

My response can be pretty accurately summed up as:


I think I will stick with my simple rubber pedals. If I need more grip I will wear shoes with studs in. You can keep the beartrap pedals.

Pretty nasty trophy wounds, hope they heal well.


wow, that is one heck of a pedal scrap! thats gonna leave one neat scare.

well i dont wear my 661’s all the time, i do get a lot of pedal scraps from not wearing them but the worst pedal scraps ive ever had (which i didnt actually get) was when i was wearing my 661’s.

this may sound weird but i would love a massive 7" scare on the back of my leg, it would go well with all my other scares.

is english your first language?

i dunno, is it?

hope you dont need stiches or anyhting. one of mine went deep enough to hit the weird white-ish barrier between skin and muscle. it didnt go through, but it still needed nine stiches.

hahaha, yes, english is his first language.

it sure is, i speak english goodly!

that’s something mr dempsey would say.

it’s not gooder or gooderer to say that smacks self in back of head

sorry, back on topic, i’ve had some bad pedal scrapes on the back of my legs, they suck so bad aye! with the stinging and all

i dont get pedal scraps that much, i dont really ‘fall down’ a lot so the pedal doesnt scrap my leg. but i do miss the pedals sometimes on unispins, and i have missed the tyre whilst wheel walking (somehow) which does leave nasty pedal bites but usually its just bruises.

EDIT: holy crap, its almost my 3000th post. this one is going in MR.

oh dear, i heart you there.
my cat slipped whilst walking past my recklessly placed uni, it lost its head and half a paw to the pedals.