Grrrr, stupid rolling unispins...getting no amusement, just frustration...ROARRRRRRR

Yes a stupid thread…:frowning: :angry:
Practice rolling unispnis, more practice and practice. All that happens is I land in the front of the unicycle and im REALLY HAPPY about that. I get no fun in practicing anymore and I can’t do it I hate this i will chuck things into a volcanoe sjafl;dskjfskldfjsklfjs ROAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR safj;lask
Stupid unispins… Stupid everything

In the time it took you to type this you could have landed a perfectly clean rolling unispin. Go out and practise until you get too frustrated then do something else. Once you’ve cooled down just try again or dont, whatever.

If your current way of doing them doesn’t work out, try a different way. Like if your problem now is that you land in front of the uni, try pushing it forward a lot even if it feels weird. There isn’t just one correct way of doing things.

Are you landing in front of the uni, still holding the seat in front of you? Or is the whole uni behind you without you holding it.

Both of them sound like commitment issues.

maybe you ride too fast:D
that could be the problem when you fall infront

I have just learned them rolling.

When I started I rode very slowly, and almost did a still stand. Then as you get more confident try and remove the still stand.

Also, trying to jump that bit higher helped me.

Don’t practice things you don’t enjoy practicing.

Eventually you will really want to learn them again, and can enjoy practicing them.

to get them down a little better(i can’t do them very well) i started from static and rode away rolling, then went to rolling very very slow… now i’m going slow, unispin, very slow/slow

This the key. Charlie Dancey, a famous juggling/unicycling guru and author, says that if you’re not enjoying it, you don’t learn. Do something else for a while.

try other tricks for a while, if you don’t enjoy with them.Then, when the rolling unispins practicing will miss you, get back in it.

I think you’ll find them a lot easier,after a little quit

Can you static unispin?

Did anybody learn to unispins by doing rolling unispins first. I’ve been practicing unispins for over a year now and I still can’t do it and they got really boring. So I tried to them rolling and I’m getting closer and they’re way more fun.

jump over the uni… so that it ends up behind you.
i had to do that a few times to learn. it took me forever.

Well I can do everything good, it’s just my left foot is stubborn and won’t go on the pedal. My right foot gets on the pedal 50% of the time but not my left.

I usually get angry after 10-15 minutes, quite for the rest of the day and do what I’ve been doing heeps lately, JUGGLING. I seem to enjoy that and it feels a whole lot easier than 360 unispin. I tried sidewalk previously and I had the same problem as i had with the rolling unispin.

I think I’ve got the solution, leave it to me I think I’ve got it =D

late unispin?