when i ordered my profile hubset i accidently ordered the wrong bearing size…i got the OD 1-5/8 inch instead of the 40mm, will this still fit into my kh 42mm frame? :thinking:

1 5/8" works out to 41.3mm … My guess would be that it would fit. Does it have the same inside dimensions?

iv got no idea, the profiles are still in da usa :roll_eyes:

yea if your putting it in a Kh frame you just have to get the 1 5/8 adapters. You would have needed the adapters anyway. What year is the frame (Just wondering)?

yea both bearing sizes have the same inside demensions, i think they are 19mm

im puting them into an 04 frame and when i get some more money i will get the 05 frame…once i get that and a carbon fibre seatbase i will have my dream uni :stuck_out_tongue:

hehe!! did you get the profile hub for the warrenty?, or just because there strong? or both?

well it was only a little bit more expensive ($40) than the 05 kh hub so i decided that it was worth it for the warranty…and its a little bit stronger

where’d you get the hub from to get it for only $40 more? every where i look it at least $100 more.
$400 for the kh 05 hubset
$440 for the profile crankset

If you got the 1 5/8 inch instead of the 40mm, that’s only good, isn’t it?
since the bearingholders on the KH are 42mm…
It’s the 40mm that won’t fit…

Just a thought!