Grown Old and Rusty [trials]

Here’s some old clips from summer and fall. I mostly put them together to get excited for spring when I can ride again. So enjoy and comment if you wish.

I like the rail ride you did, that was pretty beastly :sunglasses:

And i really love all the angles you get for filming and the edit was great! Cant wait to see some more videos from you :slight_smile:

Cool video. You need to ride more street though :stuck_out_tongue:
I cannot wait to ride again this spring too… and we need to ride sometime.

Sweet as bro, it’s good to see a pure trials vid again.

I like your riding a lot, and as Jakob said, the angles for filming are really good in some way. I am also longing for the spring season, good luck riding when spring comes!


cool vid =D
riding,editing,music,… were nice!!:slight_smile:

really good! you have to go back and do that line thats like gap, pedalgrab pole, hop to other pole, drop down then gap, that’d be so cool :smiley:
the whole video had an awesome feel to it aswell, and of course… trials <3