grown man on tiny bike

Too funny.

Brian are you the Star Wars dude on the unicycle?

Looks like the same character that inspired me to look into unicycling at the beginning of September in Vic park, London, ON. Well I only saw him (you?) from the office. Regardless looked up unicycles on Kijiji and found Tim who offered to show anyone interested what it’s all about. Thanks to Tim and his cousin I thought this may work for me.

Now it’s October and I manage my 21 km commute on a sub-standard 20" uni in ~2.5 hrs. Pretty happy with the results after ~25 hrs, and looking forward to a bigger wheel and Fanshawe one day.

yes sir that is me :slight_smile: welcome to unicycling!

speaking of a star wars guy in vic park, have you seen this vid? (i put my brother in the suit so i could do the filming)

Excellent. Much thanks Brian.

Indeed I did see your video. Actually the whole office did. One of the guys got the idea to look up youtube, maybe he saw the camera…

Cool business idea btw. A channel should have you guys on payroll to cover events!

awesome, where is your office? i usually ride downtown in that area as there are more people to tweet about me :slight_smile:

We’re above the Talbot Centre on the 9th, overlooking Victoria Park… so we saw you a couple times already :)…