Group unicycle photos...

How many of you have group photos of your unicycles? If you do, how about posting a picture?

I’ll get the ball rolling with my unicycle tree (yes, I’ve seen that really good unicycle tree photo)…


unicycle group - uni tree 2.jpg

I haven’t got a tree in my street at all. Except a shrub of cause.
A grevilliea Ned Kelly in flower now and a nicely Mowed lawn from my 5HP 4-Stroke Victa Mustang Mower. And yes of cause I got a front Garden too. I’ll put it up on Tomorrow Evening. There is of cause a tree in the street but It’s full grown. I live in a cul-de-sac like you Andrew. ( Dead end street for those who don’t know what a Cul-de-sac is ) So Stayed Tune. Cheers.


is one of those unis seriously buckled? if so how did u manage that!? :thinking:

Here is mine…

It is indeed buckled. I hadn’t been able to ride my ultra-strong muni for a few weeks and couldn’t hold out any longer.

20'' - taco at reserve 1.jpg

my unicycles:



I’m sorry I don’t have much in the way of recent pictures (of my garage), but here are some “group shots” on my “Piles” page:

If the site isn’t working at the moment, it’s due to the rotational motion of my Web host as it goes down the toilet…

Someday there will be some new content there :smiley:

Here’s my uni group photo. I don’t ride the Schwinn in the middle because it is a piece of junk. But I ride the Muni and the freestyle uni. Doug, my pug, is looking out the window in the picture.

O’k I got mine This morning. Look hard. It’s in the tree.



That!? piece of junk!? You should see my “peice of shchwinn”* and then you’ll know what ‘junk’ really is (although i don’t consider it junk, it is quite hashed-- i still ride it frequently). Yours is surprisingly nice i’ll bet. Really, try it-- you might like it.

(I think mine is same era, cotter pins and whatot, but it’s 24" inches and no whitewall tire.0


*I think it was John Foss that coined the phrase, “piece of shcwinn”

That dog is so cool… :slight_smile:


The seatpost is way too short for me to ride it. That’s probably why I had so much trouble learning to ride. I didn’t know my unicycle was much too short for me! I can’t seem to be able to get enough air in the tire that it doesn’t go flat when I sit on it. I don’t really need to ride it now since I have my other unis, but next time I order from I may put a long Schwinn seatpost in the cart. Sorry, every unicycle is a treasure, not trash. I forgot. :smiley:

I know. Isn’t he funny? I love pugs.


Re: Group unicycle photos…

Here is my unicycle family photo.

Wayne van Wijk

O—( >–]-o

Help!, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.

So, Wayne, what are those yellow and black seats… they look like Velo’s or an I seeing things…:wink: And if so, yellow bumper and handle, how’s that?



That’s a beautiful group of unicycles you’ve got there.

  • Is the far left 16" the one you sold to Alexander?
  • You had that giraffe frame made by Ian didn’t you? Is it a 4’ or something?
  • Gary’s got one of those front wheels. They’re great fun.
  • Give the BC a go, it’s great fun. Just get on it on a flat, smooth surface along side a rail. Push yourself along as slowly as you want, and then you can let go without the risk of hurting yourself. I don’t like doing rolling mounts on them much…I’m a bit of a wimp.


Re: Group unicycle photos…

The yellow and grey saddles are velo saddles.
I had them imported by a bicycle parts company and that is the way that they
came - pretty cool looking if you ask me.


“Erin” <> wrote in message
> So, Wayne, what are those yellow and black seats… they look like
> Velo’s or an I seeing things…:wink: And if so, yellow bumper and
> handle, how’s that?
> Erin